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The best bikini 2021

Having a good bikini, and in generalswimwear, is a must in the wardrobe - whether you are going on holiday, swimming or if you are just going to sunbathe at home. In Famme, we have developed your new favorite bikini that will look good on absolutely everyone - namely oursMykonos bikini top &bottom.

The finest and most elegant bikini

svart bikini 2021
hvit bikini 2021
SpringMykonos Bikini is elegant, stylish and simple - just the things you need in a good bikini. It is made of a special combination of microfiber that provides good performance. The fabric is extremely fine and has an open construction that allows it to dry quickly - this is a great advantage when you are active and bathe and then sunbathe. In addition, our bikini is extremely breathable, and will feel soft and comfortable on the body. We know how important it is to feel good about yourselfswimwear one is wearing, and therefore is oursbikini the complete bikini this year.
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