Bærekraftig produksjon

Sustainable Production

We at Famme want to lead the way in sustainability and environmentally friendly production in women's fashion and training clothes. We do this by making sure that our suppliers are exemplary in sustainable production, so that our materials and products are produced in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. We believe that good raw materials and suppliers are the key to a sustainable company with environmentally friendly garments.

Yarn production

The yarn in our clothes is produced byFulgar, an Italian company which in 2009 became the first producer of Poliyamide 6.6 to achieve the EU Ecolabel for environmentally friendly competence and performance in terms of the environmental impact throughout the product's life cycle. Their sustainable measures include setting up an environmentally friendly production system, an internally designed water management system that contributes to optimal water use for cooling air and equipment and recycling over 63% of the materials during the production cycle. We want to be open about who our suppliers are and how our products are produced, which is why we have created this article to give you an insight into how we have progressed to become a sustainable brand.

Vår Vortex 2 Leggings er laget med bærekraftig garn fra Fulgar Vortex Leggings 2 er laget med bærekraftig garn fra Fulgar


Our swimwear collection is produced bySensitive Fabrics, another Italian manufacturer which through "The SensitiveEcoSystem Project" has focused on cutting water, energy and chemical consumption as well as reducing emissions of carbon and waste.


Our denim comes fromIsko, one of the world's leading denim manufacturers distributing denim to large parts of the globe. Isko works to set the standard when it comes to sustainable sourcing and production of denim, and strives to have an open process to be able to influence others to follow the same standard. Isko strives to get all the ingredients in its denim certified as eco-friendly and works continuously to achieve as sustainable a business model as possible. Isko is also the first denim manufacturer in the world to receive the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Ecolabel.

Fabric production (fleece)

The fabric we use in some of our garments comes from the supplierPontetorto. One of Pontetorto's central and fundamental philosophies is based on protecting nature and developing a strong environmental awareness through several environmentally friendly and sustainable measures. This includes initiatives such as:
- Use of environmentally friendly products
- Extensive use of recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles.
- Use of innovative technology that runs on solar energy.
- Integration of environmentally friendly raw materials
- Focus on reducing microplastic emissions from fleece production


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