Bærekraftig produksjon

Sustainable Production

We at Famme want to lead the way in sustainability and environmentally friendly production in women's fashion and training clothes. We do this by making sure that our suppliers are exemplary in sustainable production, so that our materials and products are produced in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. We believe that good raw materials and suppliers are the key to a sustainable company with environmentally friendly garments.

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Yarn production

The yarn in our clothes is produced byFulgar, an Italian company which in 2009 became the first producer of Poliyamide 6.6 to achieve the EU Ecolabel for environmentally friendly competence and performance in terms of the environmental impact throughout the product's life cycle. Their sustainable measures include setting up an environmentally friendly production system, an internally designed water management system that contributes to optimal water use for cooling air and equipment and recycling over 63% of the materials during the production cycle. We want to be open about who our suppliers are and how our products are produced, which is why we have created this article to give you an insight into how we have progressed to become a sustainable brand.

Vår Vortex 2 Tights er laget med bærekraftig garn fra Fulgar Bærekraftige klær



Ourswimwear collection is produced bySensitive Fabrics, another Italian manufacturer that through "The SensitiveEcoSystem Project" has focused on cutting water, energy and chemical consumption as well as reducing emissions of carbon and waste.


Ourdenim comes fromIsko, one of the world's leading denim manufacturers distributing denim to large parts of the globe. Isko works to set the standard when it comes to sustainable sourcing and production of denim, and strives to have an open process to be able to influence others to follow the same standard. Isko strives to get all the ingredients in its denim certified as eco-friendly and works continuously to achieve as sustainable a business model as possible. Isko is also the first denim manufacturer in the world to receive the Nordic Ecolabel, the Nordic Ecolabel.

Fabric production (fleece)

The fabric we use in some of our garments comes from the supplierPontetorto. One of Pontetorto's central and fundamental philosophies is based on protecting nature and developing a strong environmental awareness through several environmentally friendly and sustainable measures. This includes initiatives such as:
- Use of environmentally friendly products
- Extensive use of recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles.
- Use of innovative technology that runs on solar energy.
- Integration of environmentally friendly raw materials
- Focus on reducing microplastic emissions from fleece production


REPREVE is a fiber made fromUnifi. If you want to produce sustainable clothes of good quality, this is the fiber you should choose. REPREVE is one of the most sustainable fabrics we use in the production of Famme clothing. What sets REPREVE apart from other fibers out there is that it is not only of good and durable quality, but it is made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. By using the substance REPREVE, you not only engage in ethical and sustainable clothing production and cut down on environmental emissions, but you produce fine and functional clothing that will be able to endure more . REPREVE is used by many big brands out there such as Famme, and using REPREVE is a good step in the right direction brands can take to increase their responsibility towards the environment in the clothing and fashion industry.


Famme uses yarn fromNILIT to, among others, oursseamless clothing. As Famme is a leader in seamless training clothes, using NILIT for the production of these clothes is one of the most sustainable and responsible choices we as an innovative clothing brand can make. Yarn from NILIT is produced in an environmentally friendly and ecological way, among other things, resources are used for water conservation, use of renewable energy, conservation of resources and the materials used during the production of the yarn are recycled.

Product that uses yarn from Nilit, among other things:

Ribbestrikket leggingsribbestrikket tights



Famme userLycra (distributed by Fulgar) for many of our products. Lycra is a fiber that is made from recycled materials and lasts a long time. Durability is one of the biggest factors that makes clothes sustainable, and investing in longer-lasting clothes is an easy and simple choice that can have a major impact on the environment. Lycra fiber is produced in a way that conserves energy and reduces various costs. In addition to engaged in sustainable fabric production, Fulgar is a company that is constantly working on how they can continue to become more and more sustainable. A framework has been published onthe website about Lycra where they explain in which ways the drug is environmentally friendly.

Products at Famme that use Lycra include:

badetøy til dame som bruker lycrahvite ankelsokker


Noble Biomaterials

One of the core values ofNoble Biomaterials is sustainability, and their technology, methods and facilities have been used for the purpose of better responsibility and environmental friendliness. This is another supplier that Famme uses to create beautiful and functional sustainable clothing for women. Clothes that are produced using Noble Biomaterial's technology such as Ionic + ensure that these clothes are not only of good quality last longer, and can be used for more than just training, for example. Textiles from Noble Biomaterials have many good and functional properties that set this suppliers apart from others, in terms of their innovative technology and sustainability. Silver is one of the elements they use and they focus on silver recovery.


Eurojersey is used inour swimwear. What makes Eurojersey one of the more sustainable fabrics one can use to produce clothing in 2022 is that the supplier as a whole has a concrete and sustainableproduction model. To produce this substance, resources are used to cut down on water consumption as well as energy consumption, and they also have measures to reduce consumption of various chemicals. The production of Eurojersey fabric helps to reduce carbon and waste emissions, and therefore Famme produces clothes with this fabric to make more sustainable clothing.

Products made from Eurojersey:

badetøy til dame av eurojerseyHvit bikini



Another sustainable supplier that Famme uses isFOV from Sweden. FOV invests heavily in their own local factory in Sweden and has a focus on relating all production and methods to environmental friendliness, by working to ensure that production exists in harmony with the ecosystem. Among other things, they have a vision that they will have virtually no negative impact on the environment. They do this by always making sure of laws and regulations regarding emissions as a result of clothing production, always assess what kind of impact their current clothing production has on the environment and they set goals for how they can be even better in terms of environment and sustainability.

Products that use FOV from Sweden, among others:

turbukse til dame av FOV sverige  Rød turshorts til dame


Halley Stevenson

Halley Stevenson is a supplier for, among other things, a special type of cotton, namely cotton wax. This supplier also produces good fabric that can withstand the weather. Halley Stevenson's production of this particular type of cotton has a very low impact on the environment, and the cotton has been sourced responsibly - making this supplier one of the most sustainable Famme can choose for clothing production. Because the fabric that this supplier produces is good at withstanding the weather means that the clothes can be used much longer, and this leads to you buying less clothes, and then increasing the responsibility towards the environment.

Products that use this supplier:

Rød slitesterk turbukse til dame    turshorts til dame som bruker FOV



SITIP is a supplier Famme has used previously for, among other things, our Thermal Tights. Sitip is an Italian brand that works to make their production strategy more environmentally friendly by, for example, participating in various environmental projects that will reduce CO2 emissions as a result of their substance production.

Products that use SITIP, but which have unfortunately been discontinued:



Famme has previously used ItalianBrugnoli, which is also considered a very environmentally friendly supplier of fabric for sustainable clothing. Brugnoli makes environmentally friendly collections of fabrics and textiles from bio-based and raw materials. The process involved in producing these fabrics and textiles is based on recycling, as this supplier makes fabrics from recycled materials and materials that in the future are biodegradable. This is how this supplier extends the life of many products and materials used to make their fabrics and textiles. This supplier has a very low impact on the environment in terms of their production as a whole.



Thermolite is a durable fabric used to, among other things, make clothes warmer. The supplier uses a production method that involves, among other things, using recycled materials, which is considered to be very environmentally friendly. In this way, Thermolite is a brand that contributes to "sustainable heat" without having to resort to adding extra fabric or textiles. In addition, the quality of Thermolite is so good that it lasts much longer, which means that you are also more environmentally friendly by not constantly changing or buying new clothes.

Products that use Thermolite are:

Sherpa jakkeBlå teddyjakke



A-girls is one of the most luxurious suppliers of Famme from Japan. A-girls is considered one of the world's prestige suppliers and definitely the best for textiles, as they have received several awards for their work. This supplier focuses on innovative textiles and excellent quality, which is well suited for Famme clothing, as we have a high focus on stylish functionality and very good quality. Using luxury suppliers and partners is a good way to ensure that, among other things, ethics is accounted for in all steps, from ordering to production. Our desire and vision to create beautiful and functional garments of good quality can be considered very authentic when we then choose to use such high-end suppliers.

Products made from fabric from A-girls:

 Svart t-skjorte til dameHvit t-skjorte til dame


Toki Sen-I

Famme uses another supplier from Japan, namelyToki Sen-I to create beautiful and luxurious garments. The production method is unique and ever since its inception, this supplier has created knitted fabrics that can be used to make incredibly comfortable textiles and clothes. This supplier also has an increased focus on sustainability, and wants to produce clothes in harmony with nature. The supplier focuses on sustainable fabric production as they work to ensure that all textiles and fabrics are produced in an ecological and environmentally friendly way. For example, they work to reduce their use of various fuels and always take into account their impact on the environment.

Famme products that contain fabric from this supplier will be launched soon, so stay tuned!


Sandes Yarn

Our popular and wonderful softrag socks comes from the supplierSandes Yarn. Sandes Garn is one of the largest suppliers of knitting yarn in Northern Europe. The yarn of this supplier is based on fiber from nature, and produces a type of wool that itches less and is thinner, as well as softer. The core values of this suppliers are quality, skill in delivery and good design. This is also one of the sustainable suppliers that Famme uses, since wool itself is a renewable resource and can be broken down 100%. The supplier also uses dyes without poison throughout the process to produce wool and yarn, and has a lot of control over water consumption and water discharge after production. When it comes to the actual production, this supplier mostly uses electrical energy, and works to use more electrical energy than natural gas, for example in several areas of their company.

Products that contain yarn from Sandes Garn:

raggsokker til dame fra Sandes Garn  Beige ullsokker i Sandes garn



Bamen is a supplier whose philosophy has, and will create, excellent product quality. Bamen produces cotton that is used by Famme in, among other things, oursSky Knit socks. Bamen is a supplier that focuses on the environment by producing fabrics and textiles in harmony with nature, with respect for nature; they constantly observe how production is done in view of its impact on the environment. Bamen also supports the farmers who contribute to cotton production. All in all, this is a supplier who from start to finish wants to create a "healthy" product in all possible ways, and which Famme naturally uses to be able to produce sustainable clothes of good quality.

Products made from fabric from Bamen:


Sky knit sokker som bruker garn fra bamenHvite tennissokker til dame


Transilana is a supplier in Romania that produces different types of yarn for different purposes, whether it is knitting yarn, yarn for socks or thicker yarn that can be used for knit sweaters. Transilana also produces Merino wool which is well suited for good socks of good quality, and that is precisely why we at Famme use this supplier. This supplier excels well as they specialize in many different types of yarn and have a good eye for quality when producing the fabric, as well as being good at specializing to the customer when it comes to production.

Products that use wool from Transilana:

svarte wool knit sokker til dame fra transilana  Svarte ullsokker til dame



The Portuguese supplierMontifibras is one of Europe's largest suppliers of synthetic fibers. Their fibers have many good properties, including antibacterial and odor neutralizing properties, which is well suited for socks, among other things. Montifibras meets the strict requirements for organic substance production and the social responsibility it has as a producer in 2022.

Products made of fabric from Montifibras:

Light knit ankle sokker til dame fra montifibrasSvarte ankelsokker til dame


YKKis one of the largest suppliers Famme uses. YKK is one of the world's largest suppliers of zippers, and as a large company, they also have a great responsibility towards environmental friendliness and sustainability. YKK is considered a sustainable supplier as they recycle old materials to produce their zippers. In addition, they produce zippers made from plants.

Product with YKK zipper:

jeans med ykk glidelås  Blå jeans til dame med splitt



Famme also usesSBS as a supplier for our zippers. And like all other suppliers we use, this supplier is also very environmentally friendly. SBS contributes a lot to the conservation of water, at the same time as they work to use more environmentally friendly technology when they are engaged in dyeing.

Products that use SBS:

Oliven grønn høyhalset treningsgenser til dame  Hvit zip up long sleeve treningstopp


E.Textint Corp

 E.Textint Corp is used for the logos. This supplier is considered very sustainable because, among other things, much of the production involves recycling old materials to produce the logos. Innovative technology allows much of their production to be based on environmentally friendly methods, which makes them an attractive supplier to companies that want to work with sustainable companies.



Paiho is the supplier Famme uses for shoelaces and engineered mesh. This supplier is considered sustainable as they actively work to participate in various initiatives to take care of the environment and the planet. Among other things, they work to constantly use water again in their production processes and they collect rainwater to use during production. In addition, they use biogas and use natural light in their factories to reduce unnecessary resources and costs. In addition, they reuse the steam (as a result of production).

Products that contain Paiho:

løpesko til dame som bruker paiho  Svarte joggesko til dame med god demping



Ortholite is one of the suppliers to Famme which is responsible for the insoleEndorphin RX1 shoes.Sustainability is one of Ortholite's focus areas and they work actively to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the company. For example, they recycle old materials to produce products and they also use a technology that involves bio-oil, which means that the company uses less natural resources.

Products that use Ortholite:


Made-to-Order Clothing Production: Environmentally friendly. Ethical. Effective.

The fashion industry of the future has a big task ahead of it: How to meet the inevitable climate crisis as well as the growing demand for clothing as more and more trends come and go. A large part of the solution may lie in one of the most sustainable ways of producing environmentally friendly clothing, namely made-to-order production . We at Famme, as one of Norway's fastest growing, are now taking a pioneering step in a greener everyday life by using made-to-orders that create environmentally friendly and sustainable.



With a single click, Famme customers can browse garments, decide and reserve garments - and based on these reservations, the clothes are produced. Vote for the clothes you want more of! This is how we reduce waste of resources and we only produce the clothes we actually need. Made-to-order combines the high pace of the clothing industry with the growing demand from customers for less waste and waste of resources. Win-win!


Mass tailoring: Garments that are tailored just for you!

Not only is it very environmentally friendly and sustainable to use made-to-order, but the clothing industry solves another apparent problem: the fashion industry's exclusivity and lack of size inclusivity. Along with made-to-order comes the concept of `mass tailoring ', where with the help of 3D technology, customers can see and create their" own "size - the brand thus produces a personal garment - and this is sent straight home in the mailbox..

Creating 3D models like these is a big part of mass tailoring where you should be able to see, adjust and determine proportions and shape - completely yourself and completely personally. Having the clothes tailored to match exactly you reduces the probability of return, and thus has a very positive effect on the environment and includes several forms and shapes. Mass tailoring still has a long way to go, and some problems such as the lack of various software are at stake, but it is a step in the right direction of the green shift and which Famme will set the course towards - An inspiration for more clothing brands out there.Read more about mass tailoring written by the co-founder of Parioli Sanne Schoenmaker

It is more important than ever to take care of the planet to help create a more sustainable future. Famme is trying to make a change with the platform and resources we have, and will continue to work towards ways we can do better and get better.


Bærekraft ikon


Our focus

Clothing production

At Famme, we work to establish strong relationships with our suppliers in order to be able to offer the latest trend products at a reasonable price. In a sea of providers, it is important for us to ensure the quality of production and that they follow our standards to protect workers and improve product quality. To enable this, we have since the first day followed all steps from beginning to end. Since 2013, we have visited a total of over 100 factories - many of the manufacturers we know and work with are among the best in the world. For us, it is motivating and inspiring to go on such journeys, but the knowledge and experiences also add value to us as a brand.

Reservation of goods

Towards the end of 2022, we started with Reservation - sustainable production. This means that you can vote for what you want us to make more of. Most items are products that are coming, but those that are missing an estimated date may be products we have not yet decided to make. By casting your vote, you can contribute to us achieving a more sustainable production in the long term.kt. 


What can you do?

Secondhand - Swap or give away

Did you know that on average we throw around eight kilos of clothes in the residual waste every year?

We have created a secondhand group on Facebook for exchanging and buying products. By shopping second-hand, you are doing the environment a favor. You will find the grouphere.

Should you still not be able to resell the product, Fretex is a good option. Remember that it is not just clothes you can deliver!


Sustainable wardrobe

By taking better care of your products, you can ensure a longer life. We have collected 3 simple tips:

  • Wash denim products inside out
  • Wash the garments at a lower temperature to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Tip 3


  • Feel free to use the original packaging the product came in, if you want to return an item.
  • Our products arrive in plastic or cardboard packaging. By sorting these at source, you help us to take better care of the environment.

Reserve goods

It is free to reserve an item. Items you reserve will also be offered to pre-order at a reduced price, at least 50% of the full price. On the product page, there will be an estimated date for the product's arrival in stock in Norway if we have a date available.

Reservations do not need to be canceled if you do not want the item anyway. Then you can only ignore the email you receive when the item is in stock.

Avoid unnecessary production and disposal

Most major brands / stores throw away thousands of garments every year. Reservations / Pre-orders must help to avoid unnecessary production that customers are not interested in. Reservation  can be seen as a kind of "voice" for what we are going to produce and how much.

By using reservations / pre-orders, you help us make better choices mtp. number we are going to produce in each size and color and thereby reduce how much is potentially thrown away.

As of today, Famme has never thrown away goods, but gives away what can not be sold or sold to outlet stores. But ideally, you will try to produce only what is desired by the customers, so that you avoid waste.

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