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Best yoga pants 2021

When training yoga it is important with full freedom of movement and flexibility so that you will feel comfortable and free to move exactly the way you want.Yoga clothes therefore specializes in good breathability , comfort and to sit well on the body. Having these attractive benefits isyogapants not only highly valued for exercise, but also diligently used for everyday or for cuddling on the couch.

Classic yoga pants

Yoga pants is made of a moisture-transporting fabric so that it is very comfortable to train in. The pants have high life , is soft and has good breathability. The yoga tights also have a flattering slang at the legs.

Fukttransporterende yogapants   Fukttransporterende yogabukse


Ribbed yoga pants

Ribbed Yoga Pantsis very useful and suitable just as well for everyday use as for training in low- to medium intensity. It is made in one ribbed fabric , med high life and a wide elastic band at the waist. At the same time, it has a sling at the ankles and therefore gives the body a flattering fit.

Ribbet yogapants med høyt liv og sleng  Ribbet yogabukse med høyt liv og sleng


If you are looking for yoga tights that you can use instead of yoga pants, then we have the perfect selection for you. Our yoga tights have both high waist and wide lining, with great fits that are excellent for both Pilates and yoga.

Yogatights ribbestrikket til dameseamless elastisk treningstightsTights med kompresjon tilpasset yoga
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Other yoga clothes

What is possibly the most important thing related toyoga clothes, is that one is able to move without hindrance. If the fabric is too tight, the yoga experience can be ruined. Most of the tights inseamless collectionhas a freedom of movement that is well suited to yoga, even though you may want such tight clothing during yoga training. There may be different preferences on which top you want. Some may prefer a loose and freeupper part which sits easily on the body without getting damp and sweaty, and others may prefer to use only onesports bra so that there is as little substance as possible to handle.

Treningsbh med god støtte for yogaSvart longsleeve av mykt og behagelig materiale

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