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Gift certificate online

It can be difficult to figure out what to buy or give in gift to others. There are many who struggle with creativity or may forget what the recipient has previously said that you need or want. If you find this difficult, you can read our guide onhow to find the perfect gift.


Digital and electronic gift cards

A sure winner on the gift front, isgift cards. What is so wonderful about such a thing gift is that one can give it on all occasions like Christmas gift , birthday gift , moving-in gift and other large and small events. The reason for this is because you can decide for yourself how large the value of the gift card should be, and hence the size of the gift is determined regardless. The recipient will usually be satisfied because they can then spend the money on whatever they want, within the store's limits.

Ours digital gift cards can have a value from 50-1000 NOK, and the variation in value is large, and is therefore great to give as a gift on any occasion. The electronic gift card our, will be delivered via e-mail and you will receive instructions on how to redeem the gift card in the box. There are no additional processing costs, and it is experienced exactly as it is.


Small gift for a friend

If this is how you want to give your girlfriend one small gift Because she has experienced a milestone in life, has a birthday or just shows that one appreciates her, a gift certificate can be nice to give. One can, for example, give the gift card along with a flower for affection , and then the value becomes even greater. Et digital gift card is anyway a good thing to give in gift for a girlfriend who has it all . Sometimes it can be easier to let the recipient decide for herself what she wants to buy, and rather give a value she can use. If you need gift ideas for girlfriends , can youread here.

gavetips til henne

Suggested gift for employees

Want to give your employees one little attention? Buy a gift card! As has been mentioned before, is a electronic gift card also a great gift tips for a colleague or employees. They may make your work day better, or if you work well together, a gift certificate can be a wonderful gift to give, because the sum does not have to be high. Here it is definitely the thought that counts. At the same time, it can be nice to give gift cards in Christmas present for employees for the same reason, to give a little attention and gratitude to the collaboration.


Homemade gift card

It is also not the case that you MUST buy one gift cards . You may not have time to buy it, or you may rather want to make it. For example, one may want to make a nice one card in which you can write the value code, or only write the sum that you want to give to the recipient. Et homemade gift card you have often spent more time on, and are thus more appreciated than a print from an email. It is still possible to do all this is, and if you have ordered one gift card for her , you can only write down the code for the gift card, inside a card or a box, so that it gets a nicer wrapping than before. This can be nice to give in, for example, Mother's Day gift or Valentine's gift, and the gift card gets a cozier feel.

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 gave til henne

Gift card in calendar gift

Do you usually buy one every year package calendar to your girlfriend, mother, sister or girlfriend If you sometimes find it difficult to come up with ideas for what you can have as calendar gift , gift cards can work just as well. A value of 50-200 NOK is a nice calendar gift, and maybe something that can lead to a better gift later, because she got to buy ittights orthe sweater she wanted.

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