beste hettegenser til dame

Best hoodie lady 2021

Hoodies you must have in your wardrobe!

Now that the cooler times are rolling in, it will be time to find more suitable garments for the autumn season. As autumn slowly but surely prepares us for winter, it will be good to follow it and use more essential garments such as sweatshirts for a smooth transition to the colder seasons. We have gathered our best hoodies in a list, so that you can easily find the hoodie that appeals best to you.

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Hoodies with zipper

Grå hettegenser i stretchy og teknisk materiale med hette og krage     Svart hettejakke med glidelås med høy komfort og beskyttelse mot vind

A versatile sweatshirt that you can easily throw on and that will support all your chores this fall is important to have in your wardrobe. Whether it's just creating higher comfort when you spend time at home or traveling from A to Z, ours willfit hoodie be there for you. It comes in the colors gray and black and is made of a stretchy and technical material, with a zipper and a nice fit with practical pockets where we have also used a zipper that will keep your valuables safe. You can complete the look with our matchingfit jogger which come in similar colors.


Grå velur hoodie med glidelås og hette     Svart velur hoodie i fløyelsmyk og elastisk materiale med fine detaljer

Y2K is back in 2021 and here we find velor, a velor hoodie is perfect for the time we are now entering and can be used on most occasions.velor hoodie spring is adorned with fine details, zipper and hood. It is very easy to use for everyday life if you either plan to sit at home and watch Netflix, or have to do errands. This velor hoodie in black and gray is a must for the wardrobe and matcheschoose pants which come in similar colors.


Zip-free hoodies

Svart hoodie med lomme og ribbestrikket materiale     Svart hoodie av 100% bomull praktisk til og fra trening

Springpure hoodie is perfect for the coming quiet days. As the name suggests, the hoodie is stylish with a pocket in 100% cotton. It comes in a rib knit material on the end of the hoodie and sleeves. An extremely practical sweater if you are going to and from errands or training, or when you need to warm up a bit. Truly a must-have for quiet Sundays and evenings when you want to retreat a bit.


Cropped hoodies

For the warmer days before autumn takes full march or for the more relaxed settings that one may be in, it will be relevant to find hoodies that provide optimal comfort and that preserve style, and this is where our cropped hoodies comes in picture.

Svart cropped hoodie med ribbestrikket materiale     Svart cropped hoodie i 100% bomull perfekt til og fra trening

A hoodie that is well suited for situations when you are on the go to and from training or just want to look fresh and energetic when you leave the house, ourpure cropped hoodie could be the perfect garment for this. It comes in the classic color black with long sleeves and is made of 100% cotton. The styling options for the hoodie are diverse, so if you feel like wearing jeans, tights or sweatpants, the hoodie will fit nicely with it.



Beige cropped loungewear hettegenser      Grå cropped genser med god komfort og fin passform

This hoodie is perfect for when you want to be completely relaxed and want to radiate comfort at the utmost. With good stretch and delicious fit, will springwanderlust hoodie be your favorite. The hoodie is cropped which means that it is well suited for high waist tights and especiallywanderlust tights spring. The sweater comes in beige, black, dark gray, gray and pink - the tights come in similar colors so that they match perfectly together.