turtleneck og høyhalset genser til dame

Turtleneck for fall

One Turtleneck is a classic garment, and fits into any wardrobe. The garment has been in focus in the fashion scene lately, and it is possible to style one turtleneck in many different ways. Because it can be styled in different ways, you get the full benefit of such a garment, and you get to make full use of your wardrobe.


We have a selection ofturtlenecks for women which is suitable for both everyday life, loungewear and a cold autumn day. The sweaters come in different colors and materials, such as knitted , cotton and ribbed . Our collection has sweaters that are both slim fit and loose fit so it is possible to choose what you are most comfortable with.


Knitted high-necked sweater

SpringChunky Knit Sweater is a perfect  knit sweater for both cold winter days, and cool summer days when the sun has set. It is also suitable for use in the autumn when it starts to get cooler days and in the spring. So we're talking about one high-necked sweater which is both nice and versatile.


beige høyhalset strikkegenser perfekt til kalde vinterdager og kjølige sommerkvelderhøyhalset strikkegenser med mykt stoff som ikke klørstilren sort høyhalset strikkegenser med mykt og behagelig stoff


This the knit sweater is designed to make you feel comfortable, as it has a soft fabric at the same time as it is sophisticated and stylish. It high neck is difficult elastic and does not damage the hair when put on. The elegant high neck and the stylish design make it an essential garment that fits bothsweatpants andjeans. This knit sweater does not itch , and the fabric is soft and comfortable against the body.


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High-necked sweater made of cotton

Slim Fit Turtleneck is a stylish, light and warm high-necked sweater which fits perfectly weekday . This sweater keeps you comfortable and stylish at all times with its sophisticated look and tight   fit. One can easily style this sweater along withhigh waist jeans,tights andsling pants, but it can also be used with one of oursteddy jackets. In other words, the sweater is great for upgrading yours basics .


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slim fit turtleneck perfekt til hverdagenbasic slim fit høyhalset genser i sort med god passform


SpringChill Turtleneck T-shirt is a light, warm and soft Turtleneck and fits perfectlyloungewear ornightwear. This sweater has a thermal finely knitted fabric which is thin but still retains heat. The light fabric means that it can be used for everyday use and you can wear it underneathhoodie orcrewnecks. Another way one can nicely style such a sweater is to match one white high-necked sweater along with a deliciousdress pants.


finstrikket høyhalset genser som holder på varmenrosa turtleneck i finstrikket stoff som holder varmen


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Ribbed turtleneck

Doux Knitted Turtleneck is a soft and comfortable ribbed polo shirt , which contains a small proportion wool . This creates nice texture and is a perfect one high-necked wool sweater. It is especially suitable for autumn when it starts to get cooler in the air. It high neck is just long enough so that it both warms and is not in the way. This turtleneck is part of the set, withmatching pants. The set keeps you nice and warm, and is suitable to use all year round.


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beige høyhalset genser i ribbet stoff sort ribbet turtleneck som passer året rundt