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How to make reels on Instagram

Our guide to reels

It's no secret that Reels has taken the world by storm and that video content is one of the most effective ways to capture attention on social media. Therefore, we have now made a guide on how to get started making reels on Instagram as an ambassador at Famme.

To get started, you must first have a plan for what the real thing is about. Here are some ideas from us that fit well if you want to promote items from Famme.

  • On tour: bring your phone or camera out for a walk in famme activewear and show off a hiking trail you like or nice nature you have in the local area.
  • Training rules : If you like to exercise, you can put on the famme training clothes and film a training session or share some of your favorite exercises or other tips related to training.
  • Outfits I would use for .:: put together outfits with your favorite garments from Famme for different occasions. It can be, for example, jogging, forest trip, training, movie night, shopping etc.
  • Haul: Have you just received a large order from us Make a try-on haul and show off the garments you have bought! Feel free to provide honest feedback on what you think of them and help viewers choose the right size. 
  • Three different ways to style X: If you have a garment you like very much, it may be an idea to find several different ways to style it and show off these outfits. Maybe your shorts are just as suitable for a workout as for a trip to the city. Show how you would put together several outfits for different occasions with the same garment!!

Once you have decided what kind of reel to make, all that remains is to film, edit and publish.



You can either film reels inside the Instagram app or on your phone and upload the clips in the app later. If you have a camera, you can also use this. Experiment and find out which method is best for you. Also remember to make sure that you film in good lighting, preferably by a window or outdoors.


On the reels function in Instagram, you can cut and paste clips yourself, as well as add simple filters and text. If you want a slightly more advanced video editing app, you can also download Filmm or InShot, which is free on the app store.
When editing, you may want to make sure that you cut so that you have smooth transitions between the clips, and that the video runs at a fast pace (remember that the video can not exceed 60 seconds) but that the viewer still sees what is happening in each clip.

Tips and tricks

  • Create engaging reels, make sure the first 5 seconds capture the viewer's attention, and focus on content that either inspires, entertains or offers new information to the viewers. This makes others more likely to engage with your content!
  • Use sounds and songs that are popular when publishing. Feel free to take a few minutes to look at others' reels and save the sounds they have used that you like. Using popular sounds makes it more likely that new people will discover your video.
  • Use hashtags. The rules for hashtags for reels are the same as for in-feed records. So you can use up to 30 hashtags per reel, and these should be relevant to the content you post.
  • Use text / voice overs. Adding text to the video can help the viewer understand what is going on and add more information to the content. Make sure you keep the lyrics short, you do not want them to take all the attention away from the video. Also make sure that they are visible long enough for the viewer to read the entire text before it disappears.
  • Have fun! Enthusiasm and energy are contagious, so do your best to convey enthusiasm through the video to engage your viewers.
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