Stretchy fit jeans med høy midje - for damer med former

Best jeans for ladies with shapes - Stretchy jeans

Jeans with stretch

Our most popular jeans are 4FLEX ,   which is   stretchy slim fit jeans. We have the jeans in several different colors and sizes.4FLEX Jeans fits well to all body shapes, especially ladies with shapes . Ordinary jeans without stretch can quickly become too tight for those who have a little shape, too 4-way stretch you avoid discomfort and have full freedom of movement.


fitjeans med superstretch for damer med former
jeans med høy midje og superstretch


The jeans provide maximum freedom of movement without losing their fit, and you can use them for any occasion.4FLEX Jeans fits both formal and casual outfits, making the jeans a perfect all-round jeans.

Why get it fit jeans with superstretch :

  • Shrinks minimally
  • Maximum stretch (4-way stretch)
  • Total freedom of movement
  • Lifts and supports the body
  • "Recall-Technology" which ensures a good fit, wash after wash
  • Environmentally friendly production

The jeans come in 2 blue colors and black:


Sustainable Jeans

The fabric in our stretch jeans is made of ISKO. ISKO is a denim manufacturer that is Swan label . They are the first denim manufacturer in the world to receive the official Nordic eco-label, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers