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Jeans guide - find your perfect jeans!

Finding the perfect onejeans, can be difficult for many. How to know what kind of fabric, shape, sizes and stretch pants have We are going with this guide, make it a little easier for you to find the perfect jeans. Mixtures, sizes, fit and length..

Our jeans are made in the same way, but we have different types:

  • Authentic denim: Authentic denim is coarser in fabric and little stretch.
  • Jeans with stretch: Regular stretch jeans. These have only stretch in width.
  • 4 Flex: Real denim with super stretch. This drug is a part ofISKOs blue skin  collection, where all textiles have 4-way stretch, ie 360 degree stretch. Our4FLEX jeans is made with patented denim technology to achieve super-stretch in all directions and a natural hold-in effect.

If you want to read more about our yoga pants, sling pants, jogging pants and the like read ourpants guide!


 Table of contents

1. Mom jeans / baggy jeans

2. Skinny jeans

3. High waist jeans

4. Flare jeans

5. Straight leg jeans

6. Wear jeans

7. Jeans for everyone

8.Jeans for everyday and party

9.Substance mixtures


Mom jeans / baggy jeans

Mom jeans with stretch

Mom jeans, is a jeans which is easy to style and suitable for almost all occasions and seasons. Our trousers are made with authentic denim , med extra stretch for better comfort .

Grå mom jeans Mom jeans i denim


Jeans with wide legs

OurWide Leg Jeans is a trousers with wide legs which is made of authentic denim . The trousers are equipped with five pockets which makes it convenient for storing cell phone and keys. It has a classic denim fabric, and has a natural light blue color that characterizes a pair of jeans. It has one high life , and a design that matches both tall and short people, and the whole shape gives an impression of longer legs and marked waist .

Jeans med vide ben og høyt livLøs jeans i full lengde


Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans is characterized by the pants being close to the body. These denim pants are usually slim fit and has one flattering effect on the body.Is there really a more useful garment than a pairskinny jeans? Skinny jeans are a must have garment in the wardrobe, as this can be styled both up and down.Skinny jeans sits well over the buttocks, and is snug all the way down to the ankles. 

Slim fit jeans

High Skinny Jeans has high life with good stretch. Olabuksen tar style and comfort to a new level. It looks great with everything from relaxinghoodies to finerturtlenecks.

Slim fit jeans med høyt livSlim fit jeans med høyt liv


Stretchy jeans

Our4FLEX Jeans is a skinny jeans with high life , and is made with patented denim technology to achieve one super-stretch effect. This is a pair of jeans in real denim and is superstretchy, and is often called for jeggings . It fits well on all body types and retains its fit after several washes. These jeans give you maximum freedom of movement and flexibility. The comfortable fit with a lotstretch is a must have in the basic wardrobe. Genuinejeans, which feels liketights.

Blå skinny jeans med stretchMørk jeans som minner om tights


High waist jeans

High waist jeans is a type of jeans that fits all body shapes and is at the same time very versatile and resilient. They come in many different shapes and styles, and there are countless choices. Jeans marked with high waist have high waist , which gives hold , while emphasizing female forms. High waist jeans are also called high rise jeans as they extend across the navel. For many, it can feel uncomfortable to wear jeans that slip down several times during the day. High-waisted jeans stay in place and contribute to increased comfort throughout the day.Everyoneour jeans is high waist. Here are some of our favorites!


High waist mom jeans

Mom jeans often have one loose fit and high life. These jeans are very trendy, versatile and very popular. They are comfortable and suitable for many different occasions. The jeans can be styled with many different tops, including a nice onecrop top. They were a hit in the 80s and 90s and have returned in full in recent years. Mom jeans were long popular with middle-aged women, but have now gained a new target group - namely young, trendy women!

Mom jeans dame  Grå mom jeans til dame


High waist sling pants jeans

Flare jeans, also called sling pants , are jeans that open at below the knees which gives the jeans a natural sling. Flare jeans have also returned after many years out of the market, and are now more popular than ever before. These jeans fit perfectly with a pair of stylish boots or ankle boots, which gives a trendy and timeless outfit.

Svart jeans til dame med sleng  Blå jeans med sleng og lomme bak


High waist flexible jeans

4 FLEXis a snug and elastic jeans. The fabric the jeans are made of is designed byISKO. ISKO REFORM XP technology offers the highest level of elasticity ever created with this type of fabric. For you, it provides freedom of movement and maximum flexibility without loss of the original shape. Withthis jeans you can both be comfortable and look good all day.

4flex jeans, blå jeans  Svart stretchy skinny jeans til dame


High waist jeans with split

Wear jeansis characterized by a fine split at the bottom of the ankles. It may be reminiscent of one sling pants , but is not as wide below the knees. Split jeans have recently become a big trend, and this is definitely a pair of jeans worth checking out. You can style this with countless cool garments and a pair of freshsneakers. If you are unsure whether you want to wear slacks, canthis be an option for you!

Blå jeans med splitt til dame   Blå jeans til dame med splitt

Flare jeans

Jeans with sling is a trend that keeps coming back, and it will always be wise to have a pair of such jeans lying around. OurFlare Jeans is made of a denim fabric which are both stretchy and soft . This the pants fits perfectly over sneakers, boots and heels, and gives the outfit its very own charm.

Jeans med slengFlare jeans med firkantede baklommer


Straight jeans

Classic jeans

Our classichigh straight jeans tar style and comfort t to whole new levels. The trousers have a timeless feel, high life and wide legs , and will be your new go-to jeans. The trousers are made with 98% sustainable cotton . A classic garment that matches almost all tops.

Klassisk straight jeansJeans med rette ben


Vintage jeans

Vintage High Straight Jeans is a classic denim jeans with straight legs and raw edge . It has good stretch which makes the trousers extra comfortable and soft. At the same time, it has one vintage look that is trendy and stylish. The jeans are high in life , and the back pockets are shaped and positioned so that the buttocks are highlighted. The trousers are made of ecological and sustainable cotton certified by BSCI.

vintage jeans med rette benvintage jeans med strategisk plasserte lommer


Wear jeans

Baggy jeans with side splits

OurStraight Slit Hem Jeansis a olabukse with side split . It is made of comfortable and authentic denim . It has one straight fit , but still fits nicely around both buttocks and thighs.

Jeans med rette ben og splittJeans med autentisk denim


Skinny jeans with split

Wear Home Jeans is a skinny jeans with split at the bottom of the leg. The sling pants hair high life , and stretchy denim , who does it agreeable to wear. It is slim fit and in full length , and has a shape that has one flattering effect on the body.

Skinny jeans med splitt nederst på benetJeans i slim fit med splitt


Jeans for everyone

Jeans for short legs

For many, it can be difficult to figure out which one jeans one should have in relation to length and shape , but also other factors that go on preferences. Jeans that fit women with short legs is ourshigh skinny jeans. These trousers are slim fit, and if they turn out to be too long, you can fold them up on the inside so that it more easily fits the length of the leg. Another pair of pants that is well suited for short legs iswide leg jeans. This jeans fits looser than slim fit jeans and has a high waist, and fits well for both short and short people.

Jeans for long legs

Jeans for long legs can be a little harder because there is no hack you can do to get it anymore. Trousers that are too short for those with long legs , the trousers usually end a little above the ankle. The pants that are well suited for those with long legs areMom Jeans,Wear Home Jeans, andFlare Jeans. These trousers have either a stylish length that fits long legs such as mom jeans, while the other trousers have a sling or split that has an elongating effect on the foot.

    Jeans for those with shapes

    If you have shapes and find it difficult to find jeans that suit you, we have ours4FLEX jeans with superstretch to suit everyone.Read more about our 4FLEX jeans here.


    How to style jeans for everyday and party

    Jeans for party

    How comfortable it is not to wear comfortable jeans at a party It's easier to dance and really comfortable to go with. Many of our jeans are suitable for both everyday and parties, but we have put together some combinations we love! 

    Our4flex jeans is a comfortable skinny stretch jeans, is a sure winner for party. These pants have a 4-way stretch that allows you to dance, jump and even walk in the split without fear of the pants tearing.


    Style your 4flex jeans with a blouse, shirt, or onecrop topand blazer and you're ready to party!

    Skinny jeans til festCrop top til fest


    Ourwide leg jeans is the coolest jeans style right now. These trousers can be combined with many different garments, depending on the style you prefer. Style your pants with a shirt, either basic and elegant white, or a vibrant color. Jeans with wide legs are also perfect to match with a simple top, such as a smock top, or a top with balloon arms.

    Sort jeans med vide benLys wide leg jeans

    Ourwear home jeans has stretch is very comfortable to wear, whether you are the dance lion at the party or the one who prefers to sit still and enjoy the music. Find shoes with high heels, onetank top, and you're ready to party!

    Slim fit jeans med splitt nederst i benettank top til fest


    Jeans for everyday

    For many, jeans are something they thought was nice to look at, but which they dream of coming home and getting off throughout the day. We have several very comfortable jeans, which fit perfectly into everyday life, both for work and leisure. Our jeans are very comfortable to wear, which means that you may not want the urge to come home and get off your jeans.

    First jeans out are4flex jeans, as also mentioned earlier, this is a pair of trousers that can be used for both everyday and parties. The trousers are very easy to style both up and down, and have a lot of stretch in them, which makes it feel like a tights. For an everyday feel, the pants fit well with onesweatshirt, enchunky sweater or azip up cotton sweater for the ultimate everyday look.

    Lessweater guide spring for inspiration for tops you can match the jeans with!

    Slim fit jeans egnet til hverdagCrewneck i bomull

    The next pair of jeans is oursStraight raw hem jeans. The jeans take style and comfort to a whole new level, which is absolutely perfect for everyday life! The jeans have a high waist, and back pockets that are placed and shaped so that the butt looks nice. The pants fit perfectly with oneturtleneck or simply onewhite t shirt.   

    Jeans med rette ben egnet til hverdagsBeige høyhalset genser til dame




    Polyester is the most common form of textile fiber, and it is used in clothing, interior textiles and outdoor equipment.

    Do you get a little skeptical when you see the clothes contain a lot of polyester There is nothing to be skeptical about! Polyester has many positive properties in clothes, especially in clothes used for sports activities, such as running and skiing, but also in jeans! Polyester is a lightweight textile fiber that does not absorb water and dries quickly. It is also a very durable fiber that is easy to care for, does not curl and helps to increase comfort..


    Cotton, ie cotton, is a soft fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton plant.

    Fabrics made from cotton are naturally resistant to dust and dust mites. Fabric made from cotton is also a non-irritating substance, which means that it will not aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions, even in people who are prone to skin problems such as rashes and eczema.

    Cotton tends to naturally repel water and sweat, and is therefore very breathable.

    Are you concerned about the environmental consequences of clothing you buy Cotton is biodegradable and a renewable resource..


    Elastane is a highly elastic synthetic, artificial textile fiber. This is made of polyurethane, and is most often used in blending with other synthetic fibers. Elestan expands a lot and returns to its original size and therefore uses to give the product more elasticity. Our 4FLEX jeans contain as much as 7.50% elastane, and this is what helps to make the jeans so stretchy.

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    Famme's jeans are also sold onjeanson 

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