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Best cuddle set for women 2021

Whether you are going to enjoy yourself on the sofa, go for a walk or do other everyday things, it is goodcomfortable clothes. By having high comfort as the most important feature, loungewear has therefore become a must in every woman's wardrobe. This has developed the look of cozy clothes, and loungewear is no longer just something you wear at home. The sets have become trendy and are just as often used on the street. In this way, you ensure maximum comfort at the same time as a stylish outfit.


Cropped cuddly set

Of the bestsellers is the set that combineswanderlust hoodie withwanderlust leggings. With five different colors, you can guarantee to find a favorite for your wardrobe! The set has one cropped hoodie and therefore provides a nice fit at the same time as the jogging set is soft and comfortable to wear.


Wanderlust Hoodie  is created to give you the ultimate in comfort. What sets this cropped hoodie apart is the fit - it will compliment the upper body and sit like a shot thanks to the elastic fabric. With this sweater you can relax at home or do everyday chores.Wanderlust Leggings is a nice cuddly trousers that will lie flattering on the body, while the fabric is very comfortable and provides good mobility.
Beige cropped og ribbed hettegenser  Beige ribbestrikket kosebukse


We have designed a similar cuddle set with more compression and hold for those who prefer a more technical fabric.Wanderlust cropped hoodie 2 is also made cropped, but slightly longer than the original hoodie. The hoodie can be matched withwanderlust leggings 2 which is made with the same design and fabric.
Brun ribbestrikket cropped hettegenser  Brun ribbestrikket bukse med lommer og snøring i livet


Velor cuddly set

We take the 90s back with usselects. Our set is made of elasticselectsmaterial that is carefully selected to meet your requirementscomfort and draping.A favorite is also to matchchoose pants withchoose a hoodie for a velvety experience. The velor set is popularized by Juicy Couture, and is loved by many! The cuddly set is made of elastic material and carefully selected to satisfy high demands for comfort and draping.Velor trousers

If you are looking for it most delicious kosebuksen this fall, will be Select Pants guaranteed your new favorite! This is a gorgeous velor trousers that will appeal to most people. Our Select Pants is velvety soft, and the velor material is very elastic, making this one of those most comfortable velor trousers on the market. The trousers fit nicely and flatter, they have careful details, a high waist and in the waist there is a tie. You want to look great in these pants, while staying comfortable. If you need new cuddly pants this autumn, you should choose this one.

Svart velur bukse med knyting i midjen  Velur bukse med lommer bak


Velor hoodie

The matchingChoose a Hoodie is also a big favorite. The delicious velor fabric makes this one of the softest hoodies out there. The fabric is also very elastic and will feel comfortable to wear. This is a velor hoodie that can be used both as loungewear or a nice sweater for everyday, and matches with our Select Pants. This hoodie has a hood, nice details, velvety fabric and a zipper that makes the sweater easy to adjust. If you have been looking for the finest velor set, we can highly recommend ours Choose a Hoodie and Select Pants, as these are very soft, gorgeous and very trendy .

Svart velur kosesett til dame  Svart velur kosegenser med snorer


Jogging set

If you want a comfortable outfit that you can wear both at home and abroad, then a jogging set is the ultimate outfit. Tracksuits have become very popular in recent years, and not without reason. A matching jogging set with crewneck and sweats is both fashionable and very comfortable. Ourrecharge sweater andrecharge sweatpants is soft in the fabric and the sweatpants have a feminine cut. If you want a more airy alternative, the crewneck can also be matchedrecharge shorts!

Grå sweater til dame  Grå sweatpants til dame  Mørke grå joggeshorts til dame


Furthermore, we have a cuddle set wherejogging pants either can be matched with onehoodie orcrewneck or the garments can be used separately. The Wonderland series is made of soft cotton fabric, in a chill fit with a modest Famme logo on the chest and thigh. The set is available in both black and white.

Kremhvit hettegenser til dame  Kremhvit college genser til dame  Kremhvit joggebukse i løs passform


Turtleneck with sling pants

Soft, soft or Doux . This stylish set is agreeable and breathable to wear. The word Doux comes from the French language and means soft . The pants andt urtleneck contains a low proportion of wool which creates fine ribbed texture on the set. This is the perfect thing loungewear which fits all year round. The set comes in the colors; gray, beige and black.

Mykt ribbed kosesett til dame Mykt ribbed kosesett til dame
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How to style loungewear

Movie night

Are you looking for loungewear for a movie night, we can recommend;Fit jogger. This is a slim fit sweatpants made of soft and elastic cotton jersey to secure you comfort and freedom of movement . With zippers on the sides, you can leave your phone and belongings. Combine jogging pants with ourchunky knit sweater. This the sweater has a sophisticated style, with an elegant high neck and stylish design that makes it an essential and versatile garment.

Loungewear, slim fit joggebukse Chunky knitted turtleneck


If you are looking for another alternative to film tonight, we can recommendknitted flare pantswithknitted t-shirt. The sling pants is elastic and high in the waist, and has a relaxed look, - which is perfect for casual evenings at home on the couch. The T-shirt is feminine, with a round neck and snug fit, made from a combination of Viscose and Nylon for comfort. Combine these garments for a chill and casual evening.

Elastisk svart slengbukse for dame T-skjorte til dame med rund hals og tettsittende passform


Casual wear

Basic outfit is something we are all looking for. Whether you are going for a quick trip to the store, or meeting someone for a walk, we depend on wearing clothes you can throw on.Suave jogger is a sweatpants with brushed inside that makes the fabric in the pants incredibly digg to wear, this one kosebuksen has two pockets, with elastic and knotting at the waist. Combine with springSlim Fit Turtleneck which has a slim fit fit, with a sophisticated look in a soft knitted fabric.

Myk kosebukseSvart slim fit turtleneck til dame


Another option is to combineJetset Knit Pants withKnitted tank top. The pants are good stretch and comes in rib knit quality. With features such as high in the waist and slightly narrower in the legs, the trousers are perfect in length for you who are taller than 165 cm. Match the pants with ours knitted singlet made for you who want optimal comfort and tight fit. Do you want to heal one cropped version, you can combine the pants with oursknitted crop top.

Bukse med stretch og ribbestrikket kvalitetTanktop til dame i ribbestrikket kvalitet
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