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What is the best nightwear for a good night's sleep?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which nightwear to sleep in. Some people prefer to use nice sets ofnightwear for women when going to sleep, while others prefer to sleep naked, or only withunderwear. It is completely individual - and it is wise to make your own assessment of which is smartest and what they prefer to sleep in and use as nightwear.
For optimal sleep, it is advisable to keep the room temperature between 15.5 to 20 degrees Celsius. With this temperature, the body will be more ready to fall asleep. Therefore, it is important to choose nightwear that can either increase or decrease the body temperature in terms of room temperature.

Fortunately, we at Famme have a good selection ofnightwear for womenwhich can be suitable for those who want to sleep with as little as possible, or those who want to dress a little extra when they take the evening.

If you get hot quickly: Short-sleeved t-shirts and tank-tops do the trick

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For those of you who prefer not to get too hot when going to sleep, it is probably a good idea to look for tops that are short-sleeved such asChill Short Sleeve Tee or singlets likeChill Tank Top. The short-sleeved top is suitable as perfect nightwear for women who want not to get too hot at night - something that will maintain the body temperature at a lower level that suits the room temperature you are going to sleep in.

If you get cold fast - go for the sweater instead

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If you want to be a little more covered when you go to sleep or get too cold, we recommend that you choose a sweater in the form of nightwear instead of something with shorter sleeves. Our Chill Long Sleeve Round Neck T-Shirt is a very good and comfortable sweater that can be used as a baby and nightwear for women. It is made of good fine knit fabric that keeps you warm at night. With silk details at the neck and a nice autumn color, this is the perfect sweater like you who want something warmer like nightwear.

For cold nights - sleep in good, comfortable tights

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If you want to stay extra warm, it is a good idea to sleep with a lower part as well - then our finely knitted and thermalChill Leggings the perfect garment for you. You can match this with boatsshort-sleeved andlong-sleeved tops which we have of nightwear in Famme.

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