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    We have training clothes in many colors, lengths and fits. We have running leggings with and without scrunch and running leggings with and without patterns. We also have compression leggings perfect for strength training and running. Match with our training tops!

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    At Famme you have leggings, training tops, running jackets, shoes and much more! We even havejeans specially produced for fitness ladies and other everyday clothes that are specially made for those who love to exercise.

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Better Bodies - Alternatives in Norway

Better Bodies sells a range of training clothes for both men and women. In their communication, they place great emphasis on exercise as a lifestyle and not just a goal. The brand has a large assortment of different seamless training clothes. Therefore, many of Better Body's products can be compared to Famme's training clothes. Among other things, we will take a closer look at different ones training leggings, crop tops, singlets and sports bras which can look like training clothes from Better Bodies.

See our entire collection of Better Bodies similar training clotheshere.

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Better Bodies leggings

Better Bodies has a large selection of training leggings on its website. Where most are seamless training leggings with a high waist. Most of Famme's training leggings are also seamless, squat proof and have a high waist.

Scrunch leggings

A customer favorite with us are different varieties ofscrunch leggings. At Better Bodies you will find, among other thingsTie dye scrunch leggings. The training leggings have a unique pattern and are available in all fresh colors. The scratch on the leggings means that your shapes are highlighted in a flattering way. A good alternative to Tie Dye Scrunch is ours Acid Seamless Scrunch Leggings which has a stonewashed pattern and is available in several nice colors.

Acid seamless scrunch leggings lillaAcid seamless scrunch leggings gul
Another good alternative to Better BodiesTie Dye Training Leggings is our ownTie Dye Training Leggings. The leggings are a seamless high-waisted leggings with a tie dye pattern. This leggings is available in both gray and black. In addition, the leggings also have similarsports bra. If you want to have a matching set.
Tie dye leggings gråTie dye leggings svart

Camo leggings

Better Bodies also sells a number of different leggings of the variety Camo high leggings . The leggings have a high life, are seamless and are available in different colors. Famme has its own version of Camo Leggings. The leggings are seamless, have a high waist and also have scrunch which makes the leggings look flattering over your shapes. The camo leggings are perfect for strength training and are a big customer favorite with us. Available in gray, green and black. You will find matching sports brashere.

Camo leggings grå damecamo leggings grønn scrunch

Leggings with pocket

Better Bodies also have all the leggings with pockets on their website. If you want a place to put your phone when you are training Then a leggings with pockets is very practical. We have several high-quality leggings with a pocket. Ourr Techna Leggings  are our most popular leggings with pocket and fit perfectly to your phone. In addition, we also sell a lot of our flattering Shine leggings.This leggings also has a pocket on the back. Perfect for keys, bank cards or a small mobile.

Techna leggings med lommeShine leggings med lomme

Better Bodies Workout Tops

Better Bodies also offers all tops and sports bras in its range. We'll take a closer look at the popular Better Bodies reclining tops.

Crop top from Better Bodies

One of Better Bodies' most popular crop tops is theirsAstoria Seamless Bra.This top is comparable to Famme's popular Power Seamless Top. The top has moisture-transporting material and removable inserts. This training top is perfect for both strength training and fitness. The top is also available in a number of different colors.

Power seamless top damePower seamless top beige

The singlet from Better Bodies

Better Bodies also has a number of different singlets in its range. We have therefore picked out ours TI thank you very much and our T I tang top as good alternatives to some of Better Body's singlets.

Atlantic tank top hvittech tank top svart

Sports bra from Better Bodies

Better Bodies also sells a number of different types of sports bras. One of their best selling products is Tie Dye Sports Bra . We at Famme have our own twist on such a sports bra. We have this in both gray and black. Our Tie dye sports bra of course has me removable inserts andmoisture transporting elastic fabric.

Tie die sports bhtie dye sports bh svart

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