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Casall is dedicated to producing clothing designed with training in focus, but their target audience is both athletes and everyday users. In their range, they sell different varieties of tights , jackets, trousers and various accessories. The products vary based on their uses, but it is mainly sport and training they have focused on.

We offer several similar products such as Casall sportswear and also with competitive prices!

Below we will compare the corresponding products we have up against Casall training clothes . For all the clothes we recommend for Casall fans, seehere!


Casall tights

Casall's selection of training tights is large. They produce tights for both strength training, yoga and running. Their characteristics come differently, but most often squat proof , high life and breathable.

Their training tights can be distinguished sculpting and tights suitable for yoga . With us you will find a similar selection of tights suitable for both strengthtraining and yoga, and often at discounted prices. Take a look at ours Seamless collection, Scrunch collection and the whole training tights the collection.


Casall Sculpture 2.0 High Waist Tights

This is your bestseller within training tights and comes with a sculpting effect which means that it is formative. It has a tape detail that runs along the sides of the tights and is lightweight, dries quickly and uses recycled material. On our website you will find a large selection of tights that provide the same formative the effect with different technical properties, such as high life , squat proof (not transparent), seamless and a lot of other cool stuff.

Tights we think can be a good alternative to their bestseller isShine Tights which comes with pocket,breathing effect, fine details and wide waistband so that it does not fall down during training. Another tights is oursScrunch Seamless Leggings which is a seamless variant of our scrunch tights, it isformative, has high life, squat proof and breathes.

Sculpting leggings til dame Sculpting shaping tights til dame Leggings med lomme bakpå


Casall Running Tights

The running tights to Casall are their most technical tights. They should be produced so that it provides a lot of support and moisture transport through intense sessions. They tend to have pocket and reflex. We have greatrunning tights which covers the needs that may arise when you want to move your workout outdoors or on the treadmill.

Techna tights is a training tights with a high waist and wide waistband that gives a good hold-in effect. At the same time, it is equipped with two functional and large pockets that can hold the mobile phone and more.

Løpetights alternativ til Casall  Løpetights til dame likhet med Casall
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Casall sports bra

High impact sports bra is an affordable alternative to Casall's popular Iconic sports bra. The sports leg is stylish and simple with good support. The bra is without pillars for maximum comfort and has removable inserts so that it can be adapted to your own preferences.

Casall high impact sports bra alternativ  Casall sports-bh med mesh detaljer alternativ


Casall High impact sports well

Support sports well is a good alternative to theirs High impact sports bra . In comparison, this is a sports bra with good support, so you can train in high intensity with a comfortable hold. The back is adjustable so you can adjust the sports bra as you wish, while it has removable inserts for maximum comfort.

Svart Casall high impact sports bra alternativ  Casall sports-bh alternativ med justerbar rygg

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Casall training tops

Casall has a large selection of different models and colors in training tops, and also categories such as sports bras , t-shirts and singlets. Their prices vary, but they are often on the more expensive side when it comes to their tops. Here at Famme you will find a good selection of affordabletraining tops, if you're looking for sports bras, t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts and tank-tops .

Seamless sports bh med medium hold og innlegg som kan tas ut  langermet treningstopp i stretchy, tettsittende og teknisk materiale  


Casall sin Iconic loose tank reminiscent of oursmesh tank top. This is a moisture-transporting training top with breathable mesh fabric, which makes it very comfortable to use on training.
Svart casall tank top alternativ  Hvit tank top i mesh materiale
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Casall yoga

Several of Casall's customers are yoga enthusiasts, something we are also a fan of. Among our selection, there are several garments that are excellent for yoga, where we also have our ownyoga collection.Yoga pants is a big favorite among our customers as these stylish trousers are perfect for both training and other everyday activities. The yoga pants can easily be matched with our tops, for examplerefine tank top. The training top is in soft and comfortable seamless material which makes it very comfortable to use for yoga training.

Svart yoga bukse, Casall alternativ  Grå tank top til yoga
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Casall Plow pants

OursActive pants is a good alternative to Casall's Plow pants. This is a training pants which works just as well for training, trips or for everyday use. The trousers are light, have a high waist, pockets and drawstring at the waist. The outer trousers is made in top quality for good comfort, it can also be reminiscent of Casalls Move pants .

Casall treningsbukse alternativ i svart  Grønn treningsbukse med snøring og lommer
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Casall training elastic

Casall sin Rubber bands 3pack corresponds to oursresistance bands. The training elastics come in three different strengths so that you can easily adapt the training session. These can either be taken to the gym or to increase the level of home training.

Casall rubber bands alternativ  Casall treningsstrikk alternativ


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