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    We have training clothes in many colors, lengths and fits. We have running leggings with and without scrunch and running leggings with and without patterns. We also have compression leggings perfect for strength training and running. Match with our training tops!

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    At Famme you have leggings, training tops, running jackets, shoes and much more! We even havejeans specially produced for fitness ladies and other everyday clothes that are specially made for those who love to exercise.

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Gymshark Leggings

Gymshark Seamless Leggings

Gymshark's most popular training leggings is for the most part seamless leggings . It is also Gymshark's most popular leggings. They first launched with Flex Leggings and Fit Leggings.

In 2015, Gymshark sold very little training clothes for lady. It took a quick turn when they started betting seamless training clothes for ladies.


Gymshark leggings with pocket

Gymshark hasleggings with pocket in different places, but you can find an even wider selection with us. With pocket on thigh and back of leggings. The most popular leggings with a pocketmobile on the thigh can be found here.

Gymshark leggings by color

Gymshark leggings black

Black leggings similar to Gymshark can be foundhere. 

Gymshark leggings beige

Beige leggings similar to Gymshark can be found here. 

Gymshark leggings gray

Gray leggings similar to Gymshark can be found here. 


Gymshark Energy Leggings

A good alternative to the hole leggings from Gymshark is this onetraining leggings with holes which can withstand more than their Energy leggings.


Gymshark Flex Leggings

It was only when they updated the design on Flex Leggings with butt contour inspired by Freddy WR.UP, at Gymshark's seamless leggings for lady got a lot of attention. It was the start of their seamless career, and eventually Flex Leggings became the most bought Gymshark leggings . In retrospect, Gymshark has launched three new variants of Flex Leggings with small changes. What is common to all Flex Leggings is the butt texture with the exception of the first leggings. The butt texture on Flex Leggings is only visual.

All Flex Leggings are mottled seamless leggings. Flex Leggings are available as both mid waist and high waist leggings. The original and most popular Flex Leggings are gray.

Famme's answer to Flex Leggings isWave Leggings,Wave Leggings 2 andWave Shorts. We have similar Gymshark's Flex High Waisted LeggingsTone Leggings.

All our Wave Leggings and Shorts have a shaping effect with function. It is positive to make the butt look nicer.


Gymshark Camo Leggings / Adapt Camo

Gymshark's Camo Leggings are seamless leggings. All are mottled and have a camo pattern. They are high waist, that is, high waist. They also come with matching seamless tops. Gymshark's seamless camo leggings have a small, almost invisible scrunch effect. If you pull the leggings up too high, the scrunch can unfortunately land on your lower back - you will not.

We have two Camo leggings similar to Gymshark's. Our seamless camo leggings also have a scrunch effect that we believe divides and shapes the butt even better and finer. check outCamo Leggings andScrunch Camo Leggings.


Gymshark Vital Leggings

Vital Leggings is oneSeamless Leggings with high life. It has a widely used seamless texture that mimics mesh.

The fit and texture used on Vital Leggings from Gymshark can be compared to oursRequest Leggings 2 andRequest Leggings.



Gymshark Adapt Leggings

Adapt Leggings from Gymshark are mottled seamless leggings without texture. In fit and design, they are most similar to oursFit Leggings.



You can find discount code attraining leggings from gymshark.

If you are wondering how the terms are otherwise in the online store at Gymshark, read more aboutgymshark in Norway.

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