Juicy couture - bukser og hoodies i velur

Juicy couture trousers - Pants and Hoodies in velor

Juicy couture is best known for its velor sets which consist of:

Juicy couture pants

The trousers are available in green, gray, blue, red, light blue, black and a number of other colors. They are soft and comfortable with and have lacing.

Juicy pants are very popular in red and green . There is less hype around the hoodie than the pants, but both garments are very popular.

Discount code and sale

The juicy couture trousers are sold in many stores that have regular sales, but in general the price level is extremely high in relation to the production cost of the trousers and hoodies. It has become"hype", but for that reason you pay a little"too much".

If you want the Juicy couture trousers on sale, we recommend this velor set at a much cheaper price.

student discount

Juicy couture does not have a discount code for students.

discount on instagram

Influencers have shared discount codes that work on Juicy couture pants at times. The discount codes are in the form:instagram name-percent.