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    Famme offers a wide variety ofhiking clothes. We have jackets, hiking pants, hiking shorts, wool underwear, headwear and much more! We have the perfect hiking outfit for you who want itgood clothes outdoors .

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    At Famme you have leggings, training tops, running jackets, shoes and much more! We even havejeans specially produced for fitness ladies and other everyday clothes that are specially made for those who love to exercise.

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Kari Traa - Wool underwear, training clothes and discount code

Famme offers several similar products as Kari Traa competitive prices. We have sportswear for women in different varieties and styles, at the same time we also offer wool underwear and super underwear in vibrant colors.

Kari Traa offers many colorful sportswear for girls. They are known for having a fun pattern and clear seams. We look at theirs wool underwear , training leggings and other leggings for use both indoors and outdoors - with different properties from Kari Traa.

You can find info about discount code ontraining leggings from Kari Traa here. If you are wondering how the terms are otherwise in the online store at Kari Traa, read more aboutKari Traa in Norway.

Kari Traa wool underwear

Kari Traa is known for her patterned wool underwear design. Theirwool underwear have become very popular over the years, and their most popular pattern is Rose. Wool underwear regulates body temperature to a comfortable level, and works cooling on hot days and heat insulating on cold days. Ulla absorbs moisture , so if you either sweat or it starts to rain, the wool absorbs the moisture, but still manages to insulate the heat.

Fun fact: Wool can hold up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry.

In addition, wool self-cleaning , and you mostly just need to hang the wool garments up to aeration - which makes them perfect to take on a walk in the woods or tent trip. Wool underwear breathing properties makes them well suited to be active in, without becoming uncomfortable, and preventing clamminess.

We have one wool underwear set reminiscent of Kari Traa's super underwear:

Superundertøy genser til dame tilsvarende Kari traaStilongs til dame tilsvarende Kari Traa

We have deliciouswool underwear in thin merino wool and we can recommendthis the wool sweater , andthis the wool trousers , as an alternative to Kari Traa's. The wool set is made of beautiful merino wool and thus has good comfort , and feels silky soft on the skin. At the same time, they are well insulated, transport moisture while it does not itch, smell or curl.

Ullundertøy tilsvarende Kari TraaUllsett i merinoull


Kari Traa Louise leggings

This leggings is stretchy and gives good ventilation with good freedom of movement . It has flattering ergonomic lines that give it a athletic look. The look of this leggings is reminiscent of springTechna Running leggings. This leggings, like the Louise leggings, has an athletic look - the seams on our leggings are strategically placed which gives a sporty effect. Like Kari Traa's leggings, our leggings transport moisture et and it is well suited for everyone body shapes.

sort treningsleggings til dametreningsleggings med lomme

In addition, we have a larger selection of leggings , so you can find your favorite. We have many different onesseamless leggings andscrunch leggingsis.

Kari Traa Winter Leggings

In winter, it can quickly get cold, and Kari Traa has a lot of choice when it comes to sportswear for seasons. They have a plentiful selection ofleggings who can used in winter . One of ourswinter leggings which has a similar effect isLight Termal Leggings. This the training leggings perfect for fall and winter as it has one brushed inside which makes it well suited for outdoor training .It warm leggings have also reflective details at the bottom of the leg, which allows you to safely run and walk in the dark. The reflective details are tone-on-tone (same color as the fabric).

foret treningsleggingsvinterleggings til dame


Alternative to Kari Traa leggings with colors

Kari Traa is known for using many nice colors and color combinations on her garments. We have a large selection of leggings in both different styles, fits and colors. We are sure that you will love your Famme leggings - here are some of our recommendations of our products that may look like Kari Traa's.

Blue leggings

Almost all of Kari Traa's leggings are available in blue . It is a flattering color that suits everyone, and it can be both light and feminine , but also darker without being black. As an alternative to Kari Traa's blue leggings, we recommendthese leggings.

blå kompresjonsleggingsblå seamlessleggings blå leggings egnet til løping

Green leggings

Green is also a color that is well used by Kari Traa. Their color combinations are popular and for good reason. Many of the most popular leggings at Kari Traa are available in a green color. As an alternative to Kari Traa's green leggings, we recommendthese leggings. In addition, we have a very popularcamo leggings.

grønn seamless kompresjonsleggingsgrønn camo leggings

Red leggings

Red is a difficult feminine color, and you can not get far from it if you shop at Kari Traa. Red is a color that comes up again and again, and the color appears in large parts of their selection, whether it is a seam or the whole garment. As an alternative to Kari Traa's red leggings, we recommendthese leggings.

rød leggings med optimal komfortrød ribbet leggingsrød kompresjonsleggings

Kari Traa leggings

Kari Traa leggings with a high waist

One by Kari Traasbestselling leggings is a leggings with high waist . It is their Julie Highwaist Leggings, which are comfortable leggings that are suitable for any training environment. High-waisted leggings are perfect for any look, and look fantastic with a crop top.

As an alternative to Kari Traa's Julie Highwaist leggings, we recommend one ofthese leggings. The leggings are of high quality and are durable, so they are perfect for any workout.

beige leggings med høyt livsvart leggings med høyt livblå seamless tigths med høyt liv


Leggings with pocket

Kari Traa has a selection of leggings with pockets . As both are plain leggings and turleggings . It is no wonder that a leggings with a pocket comes in handy in their selection ofhiking clothes for girls. As an alternative to Kari Traa's Leggings with pocket, we recommendthese leggings.

blå leggings med lommetie dye leggingsrød leggings med lomme

Kari Traa Turbukse

Kari Traa also has a selection of hiking clothes and turbukser . Both light and durable garments that are suitable for both short and long trips. Their most popular trousers are True hiking trousers and have a classic  two-tone design .As an alternative to Kari Traa's hiking trousers, we recommend oursField Slack hiking pants for women. This is a hiking pants with high life which is easy and stretchy in the fabric so that it will follow your natural shapes perfectly.
Alternativ rød turbukse til Kari Traa med høyt liv og stretchAlternativ blå turbukse til Kari Traa med høyt liv og stretchAlternativ mørk blå turbukse til Kari Traa med høyt liv og stretch

Discount code on Kari Traa

Discount on Kari Traa you can get through several channels. The most common is through offers on the website on outlet items or promotions. But it is also possible to find discount codes which can be used on merchandise for further reduced price .

Student discount Kari Traa

You can see on the website of Kari Traa if they have student discount or not. Many online stores are also part of an affiliate program where student sites are allowed to share a 10-20% discount, usually on all items.

Discount on Instagram Kari Traa

At times, discount codes are handed out via influencers through Instagram. The discount codes are often in the Instagram user's name. The discount code is then for example: Instagramname-20 for 20% discount, Instagramname-10 for 10% discount.

The easiest way to find influencer discount code is by looking at Kari Traa's tag feed. Then you quickly look at the latest posts if anyone shares a discount code. Newer items often have valid discount codes.

Discount code on Kari Traa via blog

Many bloggers hand out discount codes to get commissions on sales. There is no guarantee that Kari Traa has discount codes that work via a blog. But a trick here is to search on Google: "discount code" "Kari Traa" "blog". And then filter by date in the search so you can find newer discount codes.

Black Friday at Kari Traa

Kari Traa runs discounts and offers on its products below Black Friday .Famme will have extra offers and sales during Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Black Week.This is in addition to all our good offers and discounts that you can take advantage of all year round.

Kari Traa Retur

You can read about the return of Kari Traa's products on their website. Do you want one easier return you can see how we do it. At Famme you getfree shipping on purchases over NOK 400 and open purchases for 100 days.

Kari Traa experiences and reviews

Kari Traa generally has good reviews and many recommendations. They have decent clothes, expensive prices, and decent terms otherwise and are capable of delivery. If you compare quality and price, it is clear that you can get better terms and solutions at other Norwegian brands.

Kari Traa Delivery

Kari Traa packs and ships within 1-2 days of ordering, and they have an estimated delivery time of 3-5 days in the Nordic region. They use PostNord to ship in Norway, Bring in Scandinavia and UPS in Europe. We at famme offer fast delivery, with standard delivery on 1-4 business days . In addition, we offer to deliver products same day with Porterbuddy, if you book before 12:00. In addition to Porterbuddy, we have delivery with Bring and Helthjem . You can therefore choose freely if you want to pick up your package at one post center or if you want it delivered all the way home own mailbox .

Read more about our solutions for shippinghere.

Sales and outlet

Kari Traa has sales at times, which are advertised on the website, newsletters and sometimes SMS. We always offer cheap prices on all our items, both leggings, wool underwear, hiking clothes and other products. We now offer a super discount code for you, so you can try our products safe and cheap.  

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