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Nike is a well-established brand, offering many different tights, training shoes and training clothes. They wear most training clothes and are one of the most well-known brands in training and sports. Famme has training tights and training clothes that are good options for Nike.

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Nike tights

Pro 365 tights

This training tights are made of a soft material that gives freedom of movement during strength training, cardio training and other types of training. This is a popular tights, and a good alternative to this tights isTechna Tights. This tights is reminiscent of Pro tights using the strategically placed seams. The high waist and the wide waistband ensure that the tights fit well on all body shapes.

Løpetights med lomme  Svart tights med mobillomme


One Luxe tights

A versatile leggings made of a silky soft and non-transparent material. It covers well and is a comfortable and light tights. For comparison, oursEssential Tights a good alternative. Like the One Luxe tights, our tights are soft, solid and versatile. It is very elastic. with high density to provide a perfect fit with good compression. This tights can be compared to many other of Nike's training tights as it has many similar qualities that several of Nike's tights also have.

Kompresjonstights med god passform  Treningstights med god kompresjon


Dri-FIT One Tights

A leggings suitable for all kinds of workouts and has a sweat-transporting technology. This tights has a pocket, two small ones at the waist, and a slightly larger pocket at the back. OurShine Tights also has a back pocket so you can easily take your mobile with you to training. It has a breathable material and fine details.

Sort treningstights med fine detaljer  Treningstights med lomme til mobil


Epic Luxe tights

This tights has a combination of light weight and compression that makes it great for running. It has a flattering fit and has pockets for keys, cards and mobile. OurSuave Tights very similar to this tights as both have practical pockets that are nice to have during a run. Our tights have reflective details as well, which makes it the optimal running tights.

Rød løpetights med høyt liv og bred linning  Tights egnet til all type trening


Pro Therma tights

The winter tights are made of an insulating material and sweat-transporting technology that will keep you warm and dry during training sessions in colder weather. It has fleece on the inside that feels soft against the skin. Our winter tightsLight Thermal Leggings is a good alternative. It has a brushed inside while the fabric is soft, solid and versatile. It has lacing in the high waist so that it stays in place during outdoor training. The warm tights have reflective details at the bottom of the leg, which means that you can run and walk in the dark.

Svart vintertights med høyt liv og refleks  Blå varm treningstights for løping


Nike Compression Tights

Nike offers a variety of compression tights in different colors and designs. They are known for having a sporty expression in their training clothes, and their tights fall very quickly into the compression category. You can see our selection ofcompression tights here. The compression tights are tighter compared to a regular training tights. The compression has an effect that will increase blood circulation, which is very good for recovery. At the same time, the tights give a better shaping effect as the tight fit gives better hold.

Kompresjonstights med lommer som alternativ til Nike  Blå tights med kompresjon  Svart kompresjonsleggings med 7/8 lengde


Nike Running Tights

In addition to compression tights, Nike has a large selection of running tights. These often go a little hand in hand, but we have somerunning tights which is worth a look. A good running tights are an essential product in any training wardrobe.

Blå seamless løpetights for dame  Sort løpetights med høyt liv


Nike Pro Shorts

These popular shorts are made of an elastic and supportive material that transports away sweat. It keeps you dry and comfortable during your workout. A good alternative to this training shorts isRunning Shorts. The shorts have an exceptional fit, and the elastic at the waist ensures that the shorts stay in place when you do squats. The fabric is breathable and light with moisture-transporting properties that make it perfectly suitable for intense workouts.

Sort treningsshort til intense økter.Shorts egnet til løping


Training shoes Nike

Nike has a large selection of training shoes in a variety of colors and models. Here you will find shoes suitable for everything from running to lifting weights. As an alternative to good training shoes from Nike, we recommend oursEndorphin RX1 sneakers. These shoes are suitable both for everyday use and for training as they have very good cushioning and support. The training shoes are available in white, black and all black - find your favorite pair!

Hvite treningssko til dame Svarte treningssko til dame


Discount code on Nike

Student discount Nike

You can see on the Nike website if they have a student discount or not. Many online stores are also part of an affiliate program where student sites are allowed to share a 10-20% discount, usually on all items.

Discount on Instagram Nike

At times, you are given discount codes via influencers via Instagram. The discount codes are often in the Instagram user's name. The discount code is then for example: Instagram name-20 for 20% discount, Instagram name-10 for 10% discount.

The easiest way to find influencer discount code is by looking at Nike's tag feed. Then you quickly look at the latest posts if anyone shares a discount code. Newer items often have valid discount codes.

Discount code on Nike via blog

Many bloggers hand out discount codes to get commissions on sales. There is no guarantee that Nike has discount codes that work via a blog. But a trick here is to search on Google: "discount code" "Nike" "blog". And then filter by date in the search so you can find newer discount codes.

Nike sales and outlet

Nike has sales at times, which are advertised on the website, newsletters and sometimes SMS. At Famme you will always find a large selection ofoutlet items andmerchandise!

Black friday at Nike

Nike is running discounts and offers on its products during Black Friday.Famme will have extra offers and sales during Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Black Week.This is in addition to all our good offers and discounts that you can take advantage of all year round.

Nike toll

There is no customs duty on the items you order from Nike.

Nike Size Guide

The garments from Nike are normal in size. Here you will find onecomplete size guide to choose the right tights, sports bra, shoes and more You can get a discount on Nike through several channels. The most common is through offers on the website on outlet items or promotions. But it is also possible to find discount codes that can be used on merchandise for further reduced price.


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