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    We have training clothes in many colors, lengths and fits. We have running leggings with and without scrunch and running leggings with and without patterns. We also have compression leggings perfect for strength training and running. Match with our training tops!

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    At Famme you have leggings, training tops, running jackets, shoes and much more! We even havejeans specially produced for fitness ladies and other everyday clothes that are specially made for those who love to exercise.

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    Famme offers home delivery the same day with Porterbuddy. With us you can buy free shipping and if you order today you have too free return ! You choose between Posten, Helthjem or same day delivery with Porterbuddy!

Puma leggings

Puma offers many different leggings. We look at sesamless leggings, training leggings, running leggings and other types of leggings with different properties from Puma. They also have other products such as shorts, hoodies and shoes. You can find info about discount code attraining leggings from Puma here. If you are wondering how the terms are otherwise in the online store at Puma, read more aboutPuma in Norway.

Puma Leggings

Puma Compression Leggings

As an alternative to Puma's Compression Leggings, we recommend these leggings. Compression leggings are a very good alternative to strength training from low to high intensity. Compression leggings hold things in place and the leggings have a hold-in effect, with designs that emphasize the shapes in a flattering way.Read more about our compression leggingshere!

Lilla kompresjonsleggingsSvart kompresjonsleggings

Puma Running Leggings

Puma Core Run Long Leggings are one of the running leggings Puma has. This one has high life , breathes well and has a zipper at the bottom of the leg if you want to fold up. As an alternative to this, we recommend oursTechna Leggings. This leggings has two practicalities pockets which you can use to have your mobile, keys, cards or airpods in while you run. The leggings have a high life, are squat-proof and sits very well around the waist.Read more about oursbest running leggings!

Løpetighst til dame med lomme på sidenLøpeleggings til dame tilsvarende Puma løpeleggings


Puma Camo leggings

As an alternative to Puma's Camo leggings, we recommend these leggings. Patterned leggings have really become a hit in recent years, and there is a natural reason for this. Great patterns and unique colors really add style to the gym. Both seamless and scrunch effect can be found in our selection.

Mørk Rød Camo LeggingsGrå Camo leggings


Puma Winter Leggings

As an alternative to Puma's winter leggings, we recommend these leggings. A good winter leggings are needed on the cold days. Whether you are going for a run outside, or are naturally cold and need warm clothes during your workout, you can not go wrong with a good winter leggings.Read more about winter leggingshere!

Svart VinterleggingsBlå Vinterleggings

Puma Seamless leggings

As an alternative to Puma's Seamless leggings, we recommend these leggings. Seamless or seamless training clothes are a must in any training wardrobe. Nobody wants seams that irritate and gnaw at the body. A good seamless leggings with great details needs any training junkie.Read more about what seamless is!

Grå Seamless leggingsSvart Seamless leggings

Puma Shaping leggings

As an alternative to Puma's Shaping leggings, we recommend these leggings. A shaping leggings lifts and highlights the buttocks in a natural way, at the same time as it has a hold-in to keep the leggings in place. With a wide lining at the waist, the leggings will not slip down even during high-intensity exercises.

Grå Shaping leggingsRosa Shaping leggings


Puma Leggings with pocket

As an alternative to Puma's Leggings with pocket, we recommend these leggings. Whether you are going for a run or do not have the strength to hold the phone during strength training, leggings with a pocket are the choice for you.Read more about oursbest leggings with pockets!

Grønn leggings med lommeMørk Rød leggings med lomme


Puma Shorts

Train Favorite Biker Shorts is one of Puma's training shorts. It is high in the waist, elastic fabric and is breathable. As an alternative to their biker shorts, we recommend ours Fit Shorts. These shorts are seamless, flattering and high in the waist. It highlights your figure and has a good fit. In addition, it is made for flexibility so that you will feel comfortable during training.

Lilla Biker ShortsSvart Biker Shorts

Discount code on Puma

You can get a discount on Puma through several channels. The most common is through offers on the website on outlet items or promotions. But it is also possible to find discount codes that can be used on merchandise for further reduced price.

Student discount Puma

You can see on Puma's website if they have a student discount or not. Many online stores are also part of an affiliate program where student sites are allowed to share a 10-20% discount, usually on all items.

Discount on instagram Puma

At times, you are given discount codes via influencers via instagram. The discount codes are often in the instagram user's name. The discount code is then for example: instagram name-20 for 20% discount, instagram name-10 for 10% discount.

The easiest way to find influencer discount code is by looking over the tag feed for Puma. Then you quickly look at the latest posts if anyone shares a discount code. Newer items often have valid discount codes.

Discount code on Puma via blog

Many bloggers hand out discount codes to get commissions on sales. There is no guarantee that Puma has discount codes that work via a blog. But a trick here is to search on Google: "discount code" "Puma" "blog". And then filter by date in the search so you can find newer discount codes.

Puma in Norway

Puma sale and outlet

Puma has sales at times, which are advertised on the website, newsletters and sometimes SMS.

Puma toll

There are no customs duties on the goods you order from Puma.

Puma treningsklær og rabattkode i Norge
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