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    At Famme you have leggings, training tops, running jackets, shoes and much more! We even havejeans specially produced for fitness ladies and other everyday clothes that are specially made for those who love to exercise.

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Reebok Leggings - This You Must Know!

Reebok offers many different leggings. We look atseamless leggings,training leggings,running leggings and other relevant Reebok products for all fitness enthusiasts.

Reebok products


Lux High-Rise leggings - their bestseller in training leggings

This is Reebok's bestseller in training leggings. A figure-hugging leggings with side pockets to store a mobile phone during training. The leggings also have a lighter fabric that gives a breathable effect.

Famme has a wide selection of both figure-hugging and breathable training leggings. The leggings we think are a good figure-shaped alternative are this Rib Panel Leggings , and spring Techna Leggings comes with a pocket for storing mobile and sewn with figure-hugging seams.


Training leggings

Reebok has a large selection of different types of training leggings. Brand produces most of the type seamless and shaping / figure-shaped training and running leggings often with high life, or "high rise" as they define it. At Famme you will find a larger selection of beautifulseamless leggings andshaping leggings at the same high and higher quality, often at discounted prices!  

Figurformet treningsleggings i gråFigurformet treningsleggings i grå

Running leggings

Reebok also has a good selection of running leggings. These leggings, like the training leggings, have ordinary prices and ordinary quality. The bestseller in this category scores 3.9 / 5 stars on the Reebok Web site. As an alternative to Reebok's bestseller in the category of leggings, we recommendour bestseller in running leggings which has a 4.9 / 5 star rating.

Highwaist løpeleggings for dame i svartHigh waist løpeleggings til dame i svart


Reebok is best known for producing sneakers for HIIT training, running, and crossfit. Ordinary prices with the promise of high quality. HIIT Training 2 is the best seller on the website with 4.4 / 5 stars. Lack of reinforcement at the tip of the shoe, difficulty in pulling the shoe on the foot, plastic that was experienced as troublesome against the skin where the lace is tied, and concern about preserving quality over repeated use were some of the reasons why the shoes did not stretch closer to a 5/5 rating . Famme has recently invested in the production ofthe training shoe of all time, Endorphin RX1. These shoes have optimal support, good cushioning, designed with a chunky sole, and have on our website 4.8 / 5 stars.


Here, Reebok has a large selection of different models and subjects. The prices of the different peaks vary slightly. If you want a great tank top of good quality at a good price, you should check out Famme's selection ofsimilar tops, tank tops, and singlets.

Sports bra

Reebok has a wide selection of sports bras for different needs in support, shape and design. Prices vary slightly similar to the product category "tops". You will definitely find a better alternative to sports brasFamme's collection of stylish, comfortable, functional and flattering sports bras. Sports bra at the same good price. A price that will be more reasonable during all periods of discounts and offers that we have on our website regularly.

Sports-BH i svart lang god støtteSports-BH i grå seamless

Discount code on Reebok

You can get a discount on Reebok through several channels. The most common is through offers on the website on outlet items or promotions. But it is also possible to find discount codes that can be used on merchandise for further reduced price.

Black Friday

Reebok is running discounts and offers on its products during Black Friday.Famme will have extra offers and sales during Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Black Week.This is in addition to all our good offers and discounts that you can take advantage of all year round.

Student discount

As a member of the Student Card, you can get a 35% discount on items from Reebok per d.d.

Discount on Instagram

At times, discount codes are handed out via influencers via Instagram. The discount codes are often in the Instagram user's name. The discount code is then for example: Instagram name-20 for 20% discount, Instagram name-10 for 10% discount.

The easiest way to find influencer discount code is to look over the Reebok tag feed. Then you quickly look at the latest posts if anyone shares a discount code. Newer items often have valid discount codes.

Discount code via blog

Many bloggers hand out discount codes to get commissions on sales. There is no guarantee that Reebok has discount codes that work via a blog. But a trick here is to search on Google: "discount code" "Reebok" "blog". And then filter by date in the search so you can find newer discount codes.

Sales and outlet

Reebok has sales at times, which are advertised on the website, newsletters and sometimes SMS.At Famme you will always find a large selection ofoutlet items andmerchandise!

Experiences and reviews

Reebok has mixed reviews. Some customers are very happy, but some negative feedback on Amazon mentions that the leggings can be transparent during training, were not very stretchy in the fabric and that they only start to sit loose after a couple of training sessions. If you compare the quality of these leggings with the price you pay, it will rather pay to invest in areally good leggings from Famme, than to buy 2 from Reebok which you may then have to replace more regularly.

Reebok in Norway


Reebok has a 60 day free return.Read more about Famme's easy return here.

Delivery / shipping

Reebok has standard home delivery and pick-up point delivery through PostNord that you have to pay for.At Famme you getfree shipping on purchases over NOK 400 and open purchases for 100 days.

Sales and outlet

Reebok has sales at times, which are advertised on the website, newsletters and sometimes SMS.At Famme you will always find a large selection ofoutlet items andmerchandise!


There is no customs duty on the goods you order from Reebok.

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