Stacci Athletics - Alternatives in Norway

Stacci Athletics first came on the market in 2021 when they wanted to create flattering training clothes for women which highlights the shapes. Stacci Athletics is a Swedish brand, with stock in both Sweden and the US.

The training clothes Stacci produces are made for you to feel comfortable, show results and gain confidence, whether it is on a walk, fitness center or if you do yoga. This brand can be compared to Girl in many ways and we look at bestsellers that seamless tights, scrunch tights, shorts and sports bras that have similar properties to Stacci.

See the entire collection we recommend with similar features here!


Stacci Athletics Tights

Calista Leggings  

This tights ishigh-waistwith good support, without feeling that it is too cramped. It sits comfortably and the fabric on the legs is more flexible and thin so that it becomes very flattering and presses in the right places. The tights have an insidescrunch which gives the butt a nice lift and fits well during the workout.

As an alternative to Calista Leggings isthis tights a favorite. Like Stacci Athletics' Calista Leggings are oursPeach Scrunch Tights flattering with srunch and loud life. The tights are well suited for strength sessions as they are squatproof , the material is soft and flexible and it is designed with a v-shape at the back so you can feel confident at practice.


Thalia Contour Leggings

Stacci's Thalia Contour Leggings are seamless at the front and have a V-shaped seam at the back. Life has a medium support to make sure you are comfortable without feeling tight. Tights shapes the buttocks with its built-in scrunch and makes sure your butt keeps its unique shape.

We have two alternatives to Thalia Contour Leggings, these areShape tights orTie Dye Scrunch Leggings. Like Stacci's tights, these have similar properties as shapes the body , comfortable waist band , flexible material and suitable for most forms of exercise.Tie dye Scrunch Leggings is in addition squatproof and the effect of the design makes cellulite or threat lines almost invisible.Shape tights is limited edition and can not be guaranteed as sqatproof due to its light color.


Serendipity Leggings

This tights is also seamless at the front and has a V-shaped seam at the back. The tights havebuilt-in pocket, high life, thin fabric and issquatproof. This makes the tights excellent for most forms of exercise, including running, yoga and strength.

As an alternative to the Serendipity leggings from Stacci Athelics, we recommendScrunch Seamless Leggings. This tights is without seams at the front and has a v-shaped seam at the back and is in addition moisture transporting . Due to its flexible materials and its technically good design, the tights fit well whether you train strength, jog, stretch or jump rope. If you want a tights with the same properties, but with seams in front, we have thishere.  



Stacci Athletics Shorts

Thalia Contour Shorts

Their bestseller tights also come in shorts version. Thalia contour Shorts from Stacci have the same properties as the tights. It fits perfectly on hot summer days or inside the gym if you prefer shorts over tights.

As an alternative to Thalia Contour Shorts we haveAdapt Scrunchie Shorts, which is a shorts version of oursscrunch collection. The shorts come in different colors, including red, blue, pink and black.This biker shorts is designed to have a nice fit and for comfort, and makes sure that you feel comfortable no matter when or where you use it.



Stacci Athletics Sports-bra and Tops

Serendipity Fitted Top

This top has a soft material with it removable inserts which can be customized to your needs. The top does not have full support, which makes it suitable for strength training, walking or yoga. The top has thin straps that are elastic and have a nice length that fits well to combine withhigh waist leggings.

As an alternative to Serendipity Fitted Top we haveFlow Crop Top. These are very similar in both design and features. Girl sin Flow Crop Top hair medium support , removable inserts , soft material and good compression . The top is excellent for strength training.


Thalia Heart Bra

This sports bra is adjustable with thick material and gives you a little push. With its scrunch details, this heart-shaped sports bra becomes super cute and flattering in training. 

We have two Scrunch sports bras that can be compared to Thalia Heart Bra. At famme you getPeachy Scrunch Bra orAdapt Scrunchie Sports Bra. Both bras are adjustable with removable inserts and can be adjusted as needed. Peachy Scrunch Bra is also moisture-transporting and fits perfectly withpeach scrunch tights. Both bras have medium support and are best suited for low-medium intensity training.


Calista Top

Calista Top from Stacci Athletics is every girl's dream. It sits comfortably over the shoulders, but is tighter around the chest so that it can be used without a bra and provides good support at the same time.

Girl sinOcean Crop Long Sleeveis a good alternative to the Calista top. The biggest difference is that Calista top is more like a t-shirt and Ocean crop is long sleeve . The sweater is made of a soft seamless material mesh texture which helps to promote good ventilation. The top is also made in onelonger version, so that everyone will have the opportunity to try this fantastic top regardless of preference. The only thing that separatesOcean Crop Long Sleeve andOcean Long sleeve is the length.



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