Sesongens fineste tennisklær til dame

Finest tennis clothes

The season for outdoor training is about to begin. Skis, snowboards and toboggans are time to put back in the attic. Now we are engaged in activities where we build teamwork, and compete against each other with everything we have. Tennis is definitely such a sport, despite the fact that several of us are not good at technique, we run everything we have against the other team. Hot days on the court require good clothes, not least it is just as important to be comfortable so that it does not go at the expense of the game. With us you will find the finest tennis clothes for both outdoor and indoor use.

Tennis clothes outdoors

Hot summer day shouts shorts and singlet at the tennis arena. There is absolutely nothing better than wearing clothes that both fit the body well and feel comfortable. When playing such a hectic sport that requires fast movement, it is important that the shorts do not slip upwards and create discomfort, while the top should provide support.

Biker shorts suitable for outdoor tennis.

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Training stop suitable for outdoor tennis

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Crop-top med god støtte  Lang tank-top   Kortermet tettsittende t-skjorte

Tennis clothes indoors

When it comes to playing tennis indoors, we are still looking for the same properties in training clothes as mentioned above. But in indoor activity, we are usually more concerned with wearing more clothes, despite the heat from the activity, it is not as resilient to wear shorts and short training tops. Here you are introduced to favorites in indoor training.

Exercise tights suitable for indoor tennis

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Seamless treningstights med shaping effekt  Seamless tights med scrunch på rumpen  Treningstights med pusterom

Top that fits indoor tennis

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Langermet treningstopp til dame  Tettsittende genser med tommelhull  Langermet crop-top i camo

Tennis shoes and tennis socks

Whether you play tennis indoors or outdoors, good and comfortable footwear is important. We have the solution for you.Endorphin RX1 shoes are comfortable sneakers that suit any occasion. Both indoors for work or outdoors for various activities. These are a must! What is tennis without any tennis socks? At hos you get an excellent choice of white tennis socksfor lady. This is how your outfit becomes complete.

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