Beste treningsklær for vinter 2022

Best training clothes for winter 2021

When winter comes and it gets colder, it is important to dress well. A run in a cold breeze or strength training on outdoor equipment is often a fresh break from everyday routines. When you sit inside a lot, it is good to get out, even though the weather can be bitterly cold. For best comfort, we recommend dressing with more thin layers than a few thick ones, so that you can adjust the amount of clothing according to body temperature.

Here are some of our favorite workout clothes for a cool outdoor workout!


Winter tights

Thermal tights is perfect for a run in the winter. The tights are elastic, moisture-transporting and have a brushed inside that makes the training tights warm and comfortable. At the same time, the running tights are sustainably made and durable. The winter leggings have a high waist so that they sit perfectly on the body.

Svart slitesterk vintertights     Svart varm løpetights

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Running jacket for winter

Woolstretch jacket fits well as a winter jacket combined with a good layer of clothing underneath. The winter jacket is made of merino wool for maximum comfort and mobility. The jacket is therefore not only stylish, but also has good features. Merino wool is undoubtedly the most organic and technical fabric to use for sports.

Svart løpejakke i merinoull     Vinterjakke trening dame



We recommendRibbed zip long sleeve as a possible layer under the jacket. This training sweater is snug and fits perfectly on a thin surface. Because the training top is ribbed and seamless, it is comfortable to move in.

If the weather is very cold, it may be better to replace the sweater with wool or use a third layer.Wool knit long sleeve has good insulation, transports moisture and does not itch, therefore the wool sweater is perfect for training. At the same time, the wool sweater is made of merino wool for maximum comfort and well-being.

Svart ribbed treningsgenser i seamless     Svart ullgenser i merinoull

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Accessories for winter training

For maximum warmth and comfort in training, it is important with the accessories that warm the head and feet. When it comes to headwear, it is a matter of taste and comfort whether you prefer a light headband or a full-coverage hat.Pace headband is a simple and stylish alternative. The training headband is soft and comfortable in a relatively thin, breathable fabric. If you want better heat capacity willknitted beanie be a good choice. This hat covers the entire head, and helps the body keep warm.

Svart løpepannebånd     Svart strikket lue

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A pair of warm gloves and wool socks are also important.Pace winter glovesare warm and comfortable to use for exercise. The training gloves are made with velcro in the wrist so that they can be easily adjusted to keep the fit. The gloves have a silicone handle pattern so that you prevent the mobile phone from falling out of your hands, for example.

To complete the outfit, we recommendWool knit football. The wool socks are made of merino wool and are therefore in top view for comfort, warmth and functionality. The fabric's good breathability makes the socks very suitable for raw and cold climates.

Svarte treningshansker     Svarte ullsokker til trening
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