Vårgarderobe 2022

Spring wardrobe 2022

Spring is just around the corner. That means milder climate, bare ground and more sunlight! The perfect time to start exercising again. Click home some training motivation now and see our complete guide to the latest trends in training fashion.

Do you need new training clothes for the spring season? We help you. 

Running shoes

Now spring is finally approaching, both brighter and longer days. Then it fits perfectly to put on the running shoes again. We therefore recommend that you invest in some light good shoes that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activity.

The most important thing when shopping for running shoes is to find one with good cushioning, which is comfortable and provides good support around your ankle. This way you can enjoy a good run without worrying about your feet. We therefore recommend you ours Endorphin RX1 shoes. These shoes   you get in all black , black with white sole and white . the shoes fit just as well for training as they do for everyday, which makes this a perfect investment when the ice melts and the ground becomes bare again.


 Endorphin RX1 Shoes  in white.


Training leggings in fresh colors

Spring means more healthy Colors in the locker room. We offer fortunately have a number of training leggings that are perfect for the spring period. We offer various leggings with nice colors. At the same time, we also offer training shorts for warmer days, or for you who enjoy training in shorts best.


One of our favorites for the coming season is Peach Scrunch Leggings. We offer this nice leggings in a number of beautiful colors, including a beautiful peachy color and a superfresh turquoise leggings. Pair your new spring leggings with our matching Peach Scrunch Sports Bra for a matching superfresh outfit.

Peach scrunch leggings

Peach Scrunch Leggingsin orange

Peach Scrunch leggings

Peach Scrunch Leggings in light green


In our range we also have several other good training leggings or shorts that are perfect for the coming season.

Scrunch shorts

Scrunch Shortsin black


Pastel Rib Leggings  in purple



Elevate Vortex Leggings in light blue



It can still be a bit chilly in the spring. If you like to train outside, we recommend a light jacket to take with you on the training trip. Spring Fleek Stretch Jacket is designed with your comfort and well-being in mind. The jacket is perfect for the slightly chilly spring morning and keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the session.


Fleek Stretch Jacket in dark gray

Fleek Stretch Jacket in black.

We look forward as much as you to spring. Get out and about in the spring sun. We cheer for you!

See our entire collectionhere.



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