Beste treningsshorts til dame

Best training shorts for women 2021

Our famme training shorts are comfortable, durable and made with quality as the focus. Whether you want a training shorts with a seamless design or if you should have pockets, we have a diverse selection! Here are our 3 best workout shorts to broaden your workout.

Pace Running shorts

Black running shorts with two layers for good comfort

These running shorts give you the speed and confidence you need when you are out training. The shorts are high in the waist and give a push-up effect and shaping effect, and of course the shorts are squatproof.

Antislip Biker Shorts

Biker shorts with non-slip so that it stays in place during training

Antislip at the waist keeps the training shorts in place, soft and stretchy fabric with moisture-transporting technology are two of the many reasons to let the Antislip biker shorts be your new training companion.

Fit Shorts

Blue biker shorts in seamless for flexibility and comfort

The fit shorts are a minimalist, seamless and flattering leggings. The leggings are squatproof, high in the waist and have a hold-in effect which makes this leggings a favorite with our customers. A so-called sure winner for any training session.

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