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How to choose the best socks for exercise?

How do I choose the best socks for training?

When it comes to really optimizing your training performance, all possible factors will have an impact on the outcome, including the choice ofgood socks. Good training socks will give you support, stability, comfort and an improved grip for your shoes, or possibly for the floor / mat if you take off the shoes for squats & deadlifts. A good choice of socks will prevent injuries to your legs, and be your best friends on longer walks, runs, ski trips or the like.

There are many different types of socks to choose from, made from all sorts of fabrics, and choosing the right pair of socks for different forms of exercise is something many of us do not think much about. The truth is that a good choice of socks will give you good competitive advantages, in addition to maintaining good bone health. It is very important to take care of your legs when exercising actively! :)

Here we will offer some advice on which pairs of socks you should choose for different forms of training, so that you can really perform optimally:


Socks for gym and running

When you train and run, you want to feel extra light on foot, which makes ankle socks a perfect choice.These the ankle socks are so light that it actually feels like walking barefoot! The socks fit perfectly to the feet, and are incredibly comfortable. Our ankle socks are slightly elevated at the ankles to ensure that they will not slip down during active use. These ankle socks also counteract chafing.

Due to their light design, good grip and chafing-preventing effect, the socks are also very suitable as running socks. Combine these socks with a pair of light and good running shoes, such as oursEndorphin Rx1 Running Shoes, to really glide through the terrain.

Less clothes means more freedom!

hvite ankelsokker


Malin's product review of our ankle socks: «The world's best socks!!»


Socks for sports and sports

If you want an extra small advantage over friends and competitors in the tennis match, go for a good pair of tennis socks. These the tennis socks made of organic cotton, nylon and elastane are designed to give you good support and stability for intense tennis matches or other sports where your legs are exposed to a lot of steps, turns and cushions.

These tennis socks are not too thick, not too hot, and they are both soft and comfortable. And last but not least: they look very sporty!

hvite høye sokker

Ingeborg's product review of our tennis socks :«Seriously the best socks I've tried, bothered that many training socks get clammy after a while, but these were not😍 comfortable to wear..


Socks for mountains and skis

Warm socks are something all Norwegians need, and there are no socks that beat classic, Norwegian wool socks during the winter season.These the wool socks (or rag socks) have been used by us Norwegians for several generations and for good reason!!

With their breathable properties, wool socks are perfect for cold, raw and wet climates, making them great for long ski trips or mountain walks. Wool insulates well, and also provides good cushioning on your legs. Wool socks absorb moisture and dry quickly, which reduces the risk of chafing and discomfort.

Tips: If you use Gore-Tex shoes, you should rather consider our next recommendation (thin wool socks) to make the most of the moisture-transporting effect!

Wool socks are a must in cabins and mountains, but they are also wonderful to use as cozy socks for lazy days at home.e.

raggsokker, ullsokker

Andrea's comment on our wool socks: «These can be used for home training as well!» 


Socks for winter sports

Thin wool socks, also known as technical socks, are made as a combination of several different materials. Some of these socks may have different layers, such as synthetic material inside and out, and with wool in the middle. This is to provide different benefits related to different situations, but mainly these socks are made to keep warm and transport moisture.t.

Our thin wool socks, made from high quality European merino wool, nylon and elastane, are perfect for winter sports such as hockey or skating. They are designed for warmth, functionality, comfort and to be especially durable. Go for a pair of thin wool socks that have breathable and moisture-transporting properties that make the socks very suitable for a cold and raw climate, for example our«Black Wool Knit Socks».

These socks are also suitable as everyday socks during colder seasons! If, for example, you train after work / school, you can use these both before and during training. You can get our thin wool socks in both full length and as ankle socks.

høye sorte sokker


Choosing the right pair of socks for your workout can make a big difference when it comes to really optimizing your workout performance, improving comfort, and maintaining good bone health. There are many options to choose from, and we hope we have been able to help make your choice a little easier!

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for socks you miss? You are of course welcome to send us tips on new products we can bring in!!

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