Tights med lomme - hold-in,  høyt liv, på lår eller rygg

Best tights with pockets

Wondering where to get one training tights with pockets? At Famme we have a good selection of tights with pockets in many different styles. We all know how annoying it is to run with the phone in hand because you have no place to put it. Many of us like to end up putting it in the sports bra, here the phone gets soaked with sweat. The solution to this problem is to buy yourself tights with pockets!

Below you will find some of ours favorite tights with pockets .Take a look at Famme's website for even moretights with pockets. We are sure you will find one that suits your taste!

Running tights with pocket for mobile

Tights med lommer på låretTights med lomme på lår

Techna Tights is an esimple and stylish tights with two large and practical pockets that suits everyone mobile phones . This tights is a must in every wardrobe. The tights have pockets on both sides that make it easy to bring the most important things to training. The fabric transports moisture and looks great on all sizes and body types. Also available in the colors dark blue, light blue, purple and dark gray.

Compression tights with pocket for mobile

Kompresjonstights med lomme bak, hold-in, høyt livKompresjonstights med lomme
Do you want a compression tights with a high waist and a pocket to put down your mobile phone isElla compression tights perfect for you. This tights has a good hold-in effect and does not slip down during training. This makes it suitable for running, CrossFit and strength training. It has one pocket on the inside of the waistband which fits a mobile phone, cards, keys and AirPods.

Pocket on the back

Another tights with a pocket for mobile and which is incredibly practical isShine Tights:

svart tights med lomme til mobilTreningstime med lomme på baksiden
What makes this tights a favorite is that it has a practical and large back pocket that provides plenty of space for a mobile phone. This way you can really "shine" on training without thinking about locking down your mobile phone or leaving it in unfavorable places while you are on the treadmill. This is considered a good tights that can be used for all kinds of training, but especially it is a good running tights with a pocket.

Training tights with pocket

Tights med lomme på låret, høyt livLomme på tights

Rib Panel Tights is perfect for any form of exercise, ranging from low to high intensity. The tights are not transparent . This makes it perfect for running, gym, yoga, CrossFit or just a trip to the grocery store. You decide! If you are looking for a versatile tights with pockets, this tights is perfect for you. The tights' design helps to shape and emphasize the feminine curves, at the same time as it has a high waist, pockets and a wide waistband that gives a good hold-in effect. There is nothing you can do but love it! Also available in black and red.

Another good training tights with pockets is oursTie Dye Leggings:

tights med lommeTie dye tights med lomme
This is an incredibly practical and cool training tights with pockets. If you want to get a tights with a pocket for mobile but which at the same time has a stylish and gorgeous design, isTie Dye Leggings the tights you have been looking for. This is a pattern everyone wants to dress and you can match it with an incredible amount. The fabric transports moisture efficiently at the same time as it is silky soft and very elastic. If you need good training tights on pockets on the thigh, this is the coolest you can get.

Training tights with two pockets

Another super good training tights with pocket is oursSuave Tights:
treningstights med lommeTreningstights med lomme på siden
This very soft and deliciousthe training tights comes with two pockets for cell phone. It has a high life, provides good mobility and is excellent for strength training, yoga or running. In other words, this is one of the most versatiletights with pocket one can get this season!

Training tights for large mobile

Newer technology immediately means that you need tights with larger pockets.Force leggingshas two convenient side pockets, where you can either put your phone, air pods or other essential items. In addition, the training tights have a nice mesh detail down the leg.

Tights med to praktiske lommerTreningstights med to lommer

Trousers with a pocket on the side

If you want training pants with a pocket on the side, we can recommend oursActive Pants: 

Svart bukse med lomme på sidenFritidsbukse til dame med lomme

This is perhaps the most practical and versatile leisure trousers you can get. It is airy, light and provides good mobility. In addition, there are two large practical pockets that provide plenty of space. The trousers have a high waist and are very elastic. These trousers with a side pocket are designed to provide the best comfort for active ladies on a trip.

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