Scrunch tights

What is Scrunch Leggings?

Scrunch Leggings are leggings with a scrunch effect. The scratch separates the buttocks and gives the butt a finer and more flattering shape. This is done using a special sewing technique that tightens the fabric, and therefore helps to create the illusion of a finer and larger butt. You will definitely feel fresh throughout the workout with Scrunch Leggings. So if you are looking for a leggings that goes into your ass this is the article for you!

All our leggings with scrunch effect have soon become our best sellers. In addition, the leggings are not transparent and squat proof.

Which leggings should I choose?

Choosing the right leggings can seem impossible as there are so many to choose from. We have therefore made an overview ofour best scrunch leggings and their unique properties!

Famme Scrunch Leggings

This leggings is one of our most popular leggings, and is a sure favorite among our customers. It is incredibly comfortable and highlights feminine shapes. The scrunch effect will give you a peach-bum effect that helps you feel nice and confident throughout the workout. We have used a new fabric that is soft, dense and breathable. It is a comfortable fabric that is perfect for both low and high intensity.

Scrunch leggingsRumpeleggings

Scrunch seamless leggings

Scrunch seamless leggings is a seamless leggings that shapes the buttocks and gives good hold. It is higher at the back than at the front, which gives increased grip and a better fit. The leggings fit well around the waist, are incredibly elastic and not transparent. This means that you can move freely without having to worry about the leggings slipping down between each squat.

sømløs scrunch leggingsSømløs rumpeleggings


Scrunch Camo Leggings

Scrunch camo leggings is a great seamless leggings with scrunch at the back which also has a stylish camo pattern. It has a good hold-in effect and is both flattering and comfortable.

Mønstret rumpeleggingsScrunch leggings med camo mønster


Adapt Scrunchie Leggings

Adapt scrunchie leggings is a soft and flexible seamless training leggings. The leggings emphasize the feminine curves by their V-shape and scrunch effect.

Sømløs scrunchie leggingsSømløs scrunchie leggings


Scrunch Shorts

After great request, we also offer nowScrunch shorts, a short training shorts with the same scrunch technology as in our best-selling leggings. Perfect for training in warmer weather!

Shorts som går inn i rumpaShorts med scrunch


Leggings that go into the ass

Many people want leggings that go into the buttocks to shape the buttocks in a flattering way. Many of these leggings that are used in this way are just ordinary leggings with thin fabric that can be pulled far up to highlight the buttocks. The advantage of scrunch leggings is that it is shaped so that it naturally highlights the buttocks and goes in behind so that you do not have to do this.

3 benefits of Scrunch leggings

1. Highlights your shapes!

The scrunch leggings highlight the shapes and will make you feel better during the workout. The scrunch effect lifts the buttocks while it is not transparent.

2. Soft and comfortable

The leggings are soft and comfortable against the skin as the material consists of nylon and elastane. The substance is well suited for training with both low and high intensity.

3. High waist and good breathability

Famme Scrunch leggings have a high waist without it feeling too tight. With extremely good breathability, these are a sure favorite leggings.

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