Guide til tights farger

What color should I choose for my next leggings?

How do I find the right color for my training clothes?

Buying training clothes can be both fun and difficult because there is so much to choose from when it comes to shape, function and colors. Do not despair, here is the ultimate color guide for tights to hopefully make the choice easier for you the next time you buy training clothes.

Collections by color

If you are looking for a tights in a specific color, we have our own collections for tights in the colorsblack,beige,gray,blue,purple,Red,green,pink andorange.

Training tights with light colors

Light colors can often give a more feminine feel and if you are going to train outside in the sun, they will not be as warm as darker colors. Bright colors can also lift the mood and make the workout more fun! If you want a more feminine or "soft" look, a light pink or peach colored tights may be right up your alley. Then we recommend, among other thingsElevate Wave Leggings or a peach or pinkScrunch Tights. Another option is oursDefine leggings,Spring Leggings orOmbre lux leggings. When choosing tights with light colors, it is worth thinking that not everyone wants to be squatproof if you choose a small size. Read more about our best squat proof training tightshere!

Blå seamless tights  rosa seamless scrunch tights 
Lyse gul tights til dame  


Training tights with dark colors

Dark colors often look either tough or stylish, and we believe that black tights are a timeless staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Another advantage of dark tights is that they more easily hide sweat stains, so if you are worried about it or should have a particularly intense workout, you may want to invest in a darker leggings. Some of our favorites areTone Leggings,Suave Tights andRib leggings. We also recommendZebra seamless leggings andLeopard seamless leggings. 

Grå seamless tights  Ribbed seamless tights


Training tights with strong colors

Strong colors attract attention and can also make you feel more energetic! If you are the type who likes to stand out in the crowd or need a little extra motivation to get up the energy during a workout can, among other things.Vortex tights orVortex tights 2.

rosa vortex tights  Rød treningstights


Another option could be our new onePeach Tights which comes in a variety of vibrant colors. This tights has a subtle scrunch effect and sits very flatteringly on.
  Knæsj gul tights til dame

Training tights with pattern

A patterned tights are good for both freshening up a little in the training clothes wardrobe with something unique and maybe a little more exciting than a single-colored tights, at the same time it is incredibly fun to choose from. A patterned tights can be a fun statement piece, and you can choose to mix and match with a large selection of colored, neutral or matching tops. Here the possibilities are many! Some of our favorites with patterns areLeopard Seamless Leggings andCamo Tights. Otherwise we have tooTie Dye Leggings andAcid Scrunch Tights with a more minimalist pattern.

Rosa leopard tights  Camo tights
Tie Dye tights  Grønn stone washed tights

Matching sets - tights and tops

You can of course mix and match colors the way you want when it comes to training clothes, and there is a lot of room for creativity on this front! We still think there is something extra satisfying about a matching set, whether it is patterned, solid color, black or white. Some of our favorite sets are:

Ribbed seamless tights matching withRibbed Seamless Crop LS. OrMarble Leggings andMarble Sports Bra

ribbed tights med matchende overdel  Marble tights


Another option is oursAdapt Scrunch set orAcid Scrunch set which consists of matching tights and sports bra.

Blått treningssett  Blå tights matchende blå crop top

 Here you can also read our article aboutmatching sets!


Black training tights

Black tights is the color everyone goes with - black or black. The beauty of black training tights is that it can fit with anything. You can easily match the tights with any color of the top, shoes and look incredibly good. What is important for many is that the tights are not transparent, and we have a large selection of black tights that are not transparent. In addition, our training tights are squat proof. You can see more of our selection of black training tightshere!

Ribbed Seamless Tights andElevate Wave Leggings 2 

Svart tights  Svart tights

We also have a large selection of black training tops that you can use with the training tights. Here we haveRibbed Seamless Crop LS andAtlantic Tank Top

Svart treningstopp  Svart treningstopp
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