Tights med høyt liv til dame

Best workout Leggings with high waist

Best tights with a high waist

High waist training tights is one of the IT garments that has come to stay. It high waist highlights the feminine curves and gives an extra hold-in effect by strength training , yoga or running .The tights can be styled with anything fromT shirts,cropped tops andsports bras, and is therefore just as perfect for a hectic everyday life as for one workout . In this guide we have collected some of our favorites.


# 1 Compression tights

Vortex tights quickly became one of Famme's bestsellers, and with good reason. The training tights are seamless which means that it has an incredibly good breathability, flexibility and durability. Feel free to read more about what seamless training clothes arehere. In recent times we have improved the first version of the Vortex tights with a higher level of Elastane which gives more compression during the workout. The newer version has also got extra compression at the waist as we have added extra stretch and a ribbed texture. In the Vortex series, you will also find our Elevate tights that shape and enhance the feminine curves through strategic design. The tights are not transparent during training and squat proof.

Svart kompresjonstights med høyt liv  Vortex 2 seamless leggings  Elevate vortex seamless tights til dame 


# 2 Tights with peach-bum effect

Scrunch tights became part of the range after great demand from our customers. The training tights has a seam on the butt that gives one Peach-bum effect that both lifts, shapes and highlights the feminine curves. Tights does not slip down during training and is in addition squat proof , which means you do not have to worry about your underwear getting through. Ours scrunch tights also found in aseamless version with a ribbed structure at the waist that has become very popular.

Scrunch treningstights til dame. Høyt liv med peach-bum effekt  Seamless scrunch treningstights til dame. Høyt liv med peach-bum effekt  Scrunch camo leggings


# 3 Hold-in tights

Essential tights is a stylish classic that never goes out of style. Tights has an elastic fabric with high density that gives good compression , and ensures that it is not transparent during a workout. This tights fits ours perfectlyEssential t-shirt in either black or white.

Essential high waist tights  Essential high waist tights  Essential hight waist tights


# 4 Running tights

Techna tights is a seamless tights as soft and comfortable with two practical pockets which makes it a perfect fit for running trips . The model is updated according to customers' feedback with a higher life and larger pockets that make even the largest mobile phones now fit. The seams are well thought out and designed for function and visibility.

Løpetights til dame  Løpe leggings til dame med lomme  Løpetights til dame


# 5 Ribbed seamless tights

Lately has training tights in rib knit fabric has become incredibly popular, and the simple but stylish design of the tights shows exactly why. OurRibbed Seamless tights is a seamless training tights made of a rib knit fabric that is very comfortable. The fabric has a 4-way stretch, which means that the tights shape naturally according to the body shape and are flexible. The ribbed details and signature V-shape on the back help to shape and give a natural lift to the buttocks. This tights is perfect to combine with springRibbed Seamless crop top.

Ribbestrikket treningstights til dame  Ribbestrikket treningstights til dame  Ribbestrikket treningstights til dame


# 6 Colorful high waist tights

Tights with colors have become very popular lately, and are really a statement garment. It can be styled either with a black or white top, or as a set if you want to stand out extra in the gym. Famme has received a number of colorful tights, including oursPastel Rib Tights. Another option is oursMotion Tights, which comes in red and blue! Our classic bestseller Vortex Tights has also been launched in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, orange and purple!

Lilla høytlivstights  Turkis tights med høyt liv  Gul høytlivstights


# 7 Patterned high waist tights
Patterned tights are a classic, and new trends in training fashion are constantly emerging. Famme has a number of high waist training tights with a pattern, including our new oneAcid Scrunch Tights! It was sold out in record time and also comes with a matching long sleeve. Another option is ours Fleek Tights which has a more discreet pattern. This tights comes in both red, black and blue. Another hit isTie Dye Tights, which comes in gray and black!
Blå stone washed treningstights med høyt liv  Rød tights med høyt liv  Svart tie dye tights med høyt liv

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