treningsklær med mønster til dame

Leggings with pattern

Patterned training clothes have really become a big hit in recent months. Solid color training clothes and training leggings with neutral tones are a safe choice for everyone and you can find your perfecthere. But if you are looking for trendy statement print with graphic prints that instantly elevate your gym wardrobe and motivation at the gym, you have come to the right place. Combine with minimalist upper bodytopsto put an extra spice on the training leggings.

Camo leggings

Camo leggings are really into this year, with the stylish black / gray color or colorful pattern you will find your favorite. Within camouflage, we have three different products within leggings,scrunch camo,camouflage andregular camo leggings. The main difference between these is the fabric and the shape. The Scrunch leggings are designed with scrunch effect which forms the buttocks. Camouflage leggings are smooth in the fabric that stays well and does not slip down. The regular camo leggings are soft in the fabric with hold-in effect.

camo scrunch leggings til dameglatt seamless camouflage leggingscamo seamless leggings lilla


Tie dye leggings

Tie dye leggings has become very popular lately on a variety of clothing. Tie dye training leggings are really easy to combine with a variety of garments, whether you thought the garment was minimalist or maximalist, so you do not have to worry as you can easily style the training leggings with great patterns and combinations of colors. At Famme you will find beautiful tie dye leggings in two different colors.Tie Dye Leggingsis a simple and stylish leggings with two pockets where you can have your mobile phone.

grå/hvit tie dye seamless leggings til dame med lommersvart seamless tie dye leggings


Ombre leggings

Ombre is a variant we have of training leggings. This leggings starts with a statement color before it brightens up in the leg area.Ombre leggings has a high life that stays well in place during training. A bonus is that it is too squat proof.

Famme grå/blå ombre leggings med høyt livgrå/svart ombre leggings som er squat proof


Marble leggings

Marble is a fantastic fine pattern that fits both interior and clothing. OursMarble Leggings has a fabric that is soft and smooth at the same time as it is humidity. transporting . The leggings are too squat proof.

svart og hvit seamless leggings marble mønstersvart marble seamless leggings til dame


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