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How to remove sweat stains and avoid visible stains

Remove yellow sweat stains from white clothes

  • To get rid of sweat stains and bleach the garment, we recommend putting on liquid detergent and lay it out in the sun
  • First soak the garment in lukewarm water, then pour liquid detergent directly on the stains and wet the area with water.
  • Put it in the sun, and after an hour, wash it with water, rinse well and dry.

How to find tights that hide sweat?

If you are going to do high-intensity training and want a tights you can sweat a lot in without getting visible sweat stains, it is a good idea to choose a tights in a darker color and with moisture-transporting fabric. Patterns, textures and prints on the tights can also help to hide sweat stains. Here are some of ourstights which is best at hiding sweat.

Moisture-transporting substance

The first quality you can look for when finding a tights that hides sweat stains is that the tights are made of fabric that is moisture wicking. It keeps you and your tights dry during your workout and makes the likelihood of annoying spots much less. Among our moisture-transporting tights areRequest Tights andRib Panel Tights favorites that are perfect for intense workouts.

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Dark colors

Another good feature to look for is that the tights are dark in the fabric. Stains on dark tights are less visible, so if you still end up with some small sweat stains, they will not appear as well. Good alternatives then includeSky Leggings which comes in a stonewashed black, gray and dark blue color that will all hide stains well.Victory Leggings also comes in a variety of dark colors and moisture wicking fabric which makes it excellent for intense workouts with a lot of sweat.

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Patterns and prints

Patterns and prints on tights will also help to hide sweat stains better than full-colored tights. It is more difficult to see subtle stains and color changes in a tights that already has a lot of variations in the print.Tie dye leggings in black is a good example of a type of tights with a pattern that hides sweat well.Marble leggings is also a good alternative. Both of these tights are dark, patterned and made of moisture-transporting fabric.

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