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Tights for everyday

In a hectic everyday life, training is combined with other chores, where you cycle to work or go to the store. The scarce time you have in everyday life can also be compared to the scarcity many people have in the wardrobe. If you are a student or young adult in a small apartment, there are also restrictions on how many garments you can own. A perfect solution to this solitaire can be as easy as using the training tights both for sessions at the gym and for everyday use. In addition to being able to enjoy maximum comfort by wearing the most comfortable trousers, this is very trendy during the day. The training tights give a sporty look and emphasize an active lifestyle.

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Ribbed tights for everyday

One of the most useful tights we have for everyday use isribbed collection a sure winner. Due to the texture of the fabric, the tights are a simple and stylish alternative. The fabric is soft against the skin and differentiates itself from the typical training tights, which are made of a more technical material. With classic, neutral colors, these tights can be easily combined withsweaters andT shirts - or matchingtraining tops for a perfectly sporty look.

Beige ribbed seamless tights til hverdagsbrukGrå ribbed treningstights til hverdags for dame 


Seamless tights for everyday

Our collection ofseamless tights is among the most comfortable options. The seamless fabric ensures good comfort so you can do everyday chores in the most comfortable way. The trousers feel light on the body at the same time as the simple design makes them useful both for training and for everyday use. Among the selection you can find everything from thin and flexible everyday tights to some with more compression.

Grå seamless fit tights til hverdags     Svart seamless treningstights for dame til hverdags

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Scrunch tights for everyday

If you want a tights with more details and that makes more of itself, isscrunch tights a good choice. Using a scrunch stitch, it lifts and highlights the buttocks to form a shapely silhouette. With this simple detail, the outfit can be lifted from a more ordinary style. The Scrunch training tights can be found in everything from neutral to fresh colors, so you can dress according to your own preferences - both at the gym and for everyday use.

Grå scrunch tights til hverdags for dame     Mørke blå scrunch tights for dame til hverdags

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Style the tights for everyday

Several of our tights are offered in neutral colors with stylish fabric combinations, which makes them very useful for everyday use. At the same time, a fresh color can be a nice addition to an otherwise gray everyday life, and gives an extra touch to the outfit. No matter which tights you prefer, we have several basic garments that can be easily styled with the training tights.

A simpleT shirt can be combined with most things, and training tights are no exception. If you go for a training tights with a pattern or strong colors, this can be matched with a black or white top, or choose a t-shirt with vibrant colors if the tights are neutral in color.

Svart t-skjorte for dame til treningstights  Rosa ribbed t-skjorte til hverdags for dame  Hvit cropped t-skjorte til treningstights
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At the same time, a sweater is always a classic alternative. With a fit that is longer in the sleeves, the garment will warm more, at the same time as the thickness of the fabric can help to regulate the body temperature. For someone who is on the go, a light sweater is often a perfect alternative so that you can easily dress up and down if your heart rate increases.
Svart long sleeve til hverdags for dame  Grå college genser til treningstights for dame  Hvit ZipUp strikket genser
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By combining the training tights with a jacket, you will keep the sporty feeling while maintaining the style in the outfit. Choose whether you want to wear the jacket, over the shoulders or around the waist - which is also trendy these days. Choose a sporty jacket,teddy jacket or a rain jacket, whatever the choice, it will fit perfectly with a training tights.
Svart teddy jakke for dame til treningstights  Svart treningsjakke og hverdagsjakke til tights  Svart regnjakke for dame til treningstights
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If you wish, you can also add optional headgear, bag andwhite shoes to decorate the outfit. How you want to style is often inthe accessory, therefore choose with your favorite accessories to complete the outfit.
Hvite joggesko til treningstights  Svart beanie lue dame  Svart caps dame  
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