beste tights til styrketrening

Best leggings for strength training

Which training leggings should you choose for strength training 

Choosing the right leggings for the right purpose can be difficult. What properties should be emphasized? Is it transparent? It breathesn? 
When training strength, it is important to have leggings that have good hold and which at the same time contribute to optimal performance during the session. Leggings that are very thin and transparent are usually not the best leggings to choose before a strength session. All our leggings are made and adapted for special strength training and therefore have a high life and are not transparent. High waisted leggings are very good for all kinds of training as it ensures that the leggings stay in place and you do not have to worry about it slipping down along the way.

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to leggings for strength training. A challenge many face is which leggings they should NOT choose. Loose leggings are not best suited for a strength session as it can lead to irritation and an additional strain. Leggings with many details, such as pockets, you can also try to steer away with a clear conscience. They are better suited for running or walking.

If you do not feel it is comfortable or too hot with training leggings, you can go for a training shorts. Many shorts have the same properties as leggings, but are shorter in length. It can also be a good option on hot days.

We have put together a list of the leggings we think you need for strength training!

Scrunch leggings

A scrunch leggings is very suitable for strength training, as it is squat-proof and high in the waist. The scrunch effect gives the butt an extra lift, which makes you feel fresh and good. The leggings provide good hold and are well suited for strength exercises at home and at the gym.This leggings comes in many nice colors, and can be combined with many different tops.

scrunch leggings

Seamless leggings

Seamless leggings are leggings without seams that ensure both comfort and style.This seamless leggings is like the scrunch leggings squat-proof and has a high waist. It also gives a nice hold-in effect. The leggings have a cool and new pattern, so with this you will both get the most out of the training and look incredibly fresh!

stamina seamless leggings

Elevate vortex leggings

Elevate Vortex is a leggings that lifts the buttocks because it is made of a combination of seamless technology and strategic design. This is the first seamless leggings that really brings out feminine shapes and gives a shaping effect. The waistband means that the leggings maintain a good hold during the entire strength session.

elevate vortex leggings

Fit shorts

These seamless shorts give a sophisticated look and emphasize shapes and make you feel good in training. The shorts are designed to neither slip down nor slip up during physical activity. It is designed so that you will feel both comfortable and flexible.This shorts is a great alternative to leggings.

fit shorts

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