De mest effektive mageøvelsene

The most effective abdominal exercises

Many people believe that training the abdomen is only about getting a flat stomach or building a six-pack. What many people forget is that this is more about the food you eat. In short, the right food together with strengthening abdominal exercises will contribute to a more trained stomach. So why should you exercise your stomach if you do not see clear improvements without eating the right foods When you train your stomach, you also train the core muscles in your body.

Why it is important to train core muscles?

  • A strong core muscle will make you stronger in strength exercises and can contribute to a better technique
  • A strong core muscle will give you better posture and increase balance
  • A stronger core / stomach can reduce and prevent potential damage

If you do strength training, you are already training your core muscles indirectly during various exercises, especially basic exercises such as squats and deadlifts. It is still a bonus to include two to three abdominal exercises at the end of the workout. Do you work outnotstrength training, abdominal exercises should be included in everyday life, for example when right after you get up to kickstart the day.

# 1 Planks

The plank is a classic exercise that never goes out of style, and it is not without reason! This exercise is an easy way to strengthen your core muscles.


# 2 Side bend with kettlebell

This exercise kickstarts the oblique, inner and outer abdominal muscles! By including this exercise, you are sure to get the side muscles in your stomach trained.


# 3 Beinhev

With this exercise you get to run both stomach and core muscles! In addition, the exercise is very good for challenging the hip flexor.


# 4 Situps

Situps are a classic of an exercise, but not without reason. You increase the mobility of the spine at the same time as you train the muscles in the abdomen. For a slightly different variation, try doing the exercise with a weight plate.


# 5 Crunch and sling

Sling training has become more and more popular in recent years! All you need is a sling, whether you are at home or at the gym. If you have not yet invested in a sling, you can easily find some smooth socks, stand in a plank position and pull your knees towards you. You will definitely know this exercises!

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