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Mental training

The closer you get to the winter season and the dark period, we can all feel a lack of energy and motivation in everyday life. Winter depression is not uncommon to experience once in a lifetime, andNHI reports that it is estimated that 5-10% of the population suffers from this. It is therefore especially important for us at Famme to write about exercise and mental health during this time of year, even though mental exercise is important all year round for good physical and mental health.

Mental training

Mental training can be defined in several ways. It can be cognitive therapy that focuses on understanding and regulating your own thoughts and feelings, mental strength training where you solve tasks or learn new things that can make new contacts between the nerve cells in the brain and strengthen those we already have, or it can be physical training which can, among other things, restore the chemical balance in the brain. You can therefore easily beat two birds with one stone by doing thesethe training exercises at the office. How to train both the brain and the body at the same time!

Mental trening for bedre helse

For a long time it has been believed that there is a difference between physical and mental health. Therefore, physical and mental ailments have been treated in different ways, and given us limited treatment options against the prevention of further ailments. Fortunately, in modern societies now there is great agreement that emotions and body interact with each other. It has been proven that mental stress over time can weaken the immune system and pose a risk of developing disease. Even short and simple workouts are therefore meant to have a great effect on your mental and physical health.

The most important thing for you will be to find a place to start:here are our tips to get started with your workout.

Exercise and mental health

Physical activity can strengthen and improve your mental health. The body is made for use. Therefore, all of the muscles and joints will begin to decay if not used, including the brain. It turns out that the brain will often be affected more than the body by physical exercise with a measurable effect on mental capacity. Not only can physical exercise make you happier, more energetic, and resistant to stress, but it can also make you smarter and help you achieve better memory! One can therefore argue that physical exercise is the world's best treatment for depression! 

Seat test: Tar ca. 2 min.

Complete the test without shoes - and withclothes that do not get in the way of movement.

Stand up on the floor. The goal is to complete the test without the use of hands, arms, knees or the outside of the leg as support.

Cross one leg in front of the other and sit down completely. Then you get up again.

5 points are given for sitting down, 5 points for getting up.
If you succeed, you score a full pot with 10 points. If you have to support yourself, you lose 1 point.
If you are hesitant and unstable, you lose 1/2 point.

This sitting test can reveal the condition of your current physique, and should have a lot to say about your life expectancy. Those with the lowest score turn out to have up to six times higher risk of dying early, than the top scorers. So test your current physical standard. If you want improvement, you can follow thisthe training program for beginners, or thesethe strength exercises for the whole body. Measure your results by doing the same sitting test in a month's time, and feel a well-deserved feeling of mastery!

Fysisk trening for psykisk helse 

Physical and mental training

It is easy to understand that exercise is good for your physical and mental health since physical activity reduces stress, increases self-confidence and self-esteem, and reduces anxiety and depression. But it is important for us to find out exactly why exercise is so good for you and your quality of life.

Short answer is:Rushing on the body's own substances.

Anyone who has had a good and intense workout has often felt a "pulsating intoxication of happiness". Endorphins is a substance that triggers the body that binds in the same way as morphine and other similar opiate drugs, and therefore has a similar effect. Endorphins are most often activated by physical activity. High intensity interval sessions at the mill and HIIT Exercise is two very good ways to quickly achieve a rush of endorphins. Exercise can also increase the level of serotonin , dopamine , and adrenaline in your motivation and reward system. These drugs can give you an intense feeling of mastery and confidence. These are the same neurotransmitters that antidepressants try to increase. But fortunately with physical exercise, these drugs can be triggered completely without unpleasant side effects.

Triggering of the neurotransmitters are immediate and short-term chemical reactions in the body that can be activated by exercise. But physical activity also gives long-term and preventive positive rewards, with a combination of getting a steady boost of these neurotransmitters over time. The physical and mental training in its entirety will be able to strengthen muscles and joints , reduce stress and depression , prevent disease , extend life expectancy , and much more.

Trening for psykisk helse

We are social animals, and these neurotransmitters can therefore be regulated by and around other people. Our brain depends on the connection with other people and social interaction to keep everything in balance. Feel free to read about thesethe two-and-two exercise can do together for a more social workout, which in turn can trigger even more of the delicious substances the body has to offer. Recent research suggests that loneliness can be just as harmful as smoking and alcoholism, and can shorten average life expectancy by as much as 7 years!

Mindfulness and yoga

Presence endorphins triggered by the practice of mindfulness . Split attention and overactivation is something that can occur under stress. To gather attention, one can practice various mindfulness techniques. There are extremely many ways to practice mindfulness, but the key ingredient in the practice is to replace resistance and friction withacceptance.

Mindfulness og meditasjon for bedre helse

Yoga endorphins can be achieved through the practice of the ancient wisdom of yoga. The main message of yoga is that the pursuit of sensual pleasures will not bring lasting happiness. But the goal of practicing yoga in these modern times is rather a mixture of controlling the mind, and calming down stress and mental turmoil. The yoga endorphins are triggered through exercises where the body is stretched. Yoga can give the delicious endorphin feeling as a bonus before you have achieved the feeling of mastery of having a new bag or exercise. Simply onewin-win situation.

Read more about simple yoga exercises for beginnershere.

Sleep and mental health

We know that too little sleep can make us irritable and lacking in energy, impair our memory, and impair our concentration. With poor sleep, the appetite is also easy to increase, at the same time as more of what you eat is stored as fat due to the hormone cortisol. Little sleep can be a quick entry ticket to obesity and this, as we all know, can negatively affect our mental health. A period of insufficient sleep can also give us a lot of inner, or "sheet-fear". You can become so stressed about not being able to sleep that the stress of not being able to sleep means that you are not allowed to sleep. This and more are a good handful of reasons why too little sleep will negatively affect both your physical and mental health.

Read more about how important sleep is for your health, and how sleep can affect your exercise here.

Side words

Say it in words is a Norwegian help site for those who are struggling mentally and want quick information, or immediate help. There are many who found it difficult to call a helpline when they are in a bad situation for various reasons. Therefore team, where you can rather type and chat with counselors and help services instead of having to call by phone.

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