tips til god vinterløping

Tips for good winter running

It goes towards colder days and even though many then turn to the fitness center instead of taking the workout outside, there are still some who prefer to be able to run outside in the fresh air. It is certainly possible to take the running training outside this winter, but then it is wise to think that you must dress well and have a good grip on the running shoes. Regardless of whether you are going to have running training, strength training or other activities outdoors in the winter, this will be relevant for the performance.


1. Dress well

To perform outdoor training in winter it is very wise, but also necessary to dress well. It is smart to always think the more layers the better, and then it is wise to have a little thinner, good garments that you build on each other. This creates the best insulation. When running outside in the winter, it is important that your upper body itself is kept warm. Here we have gathered a small guide to some garments you should get for the running training this winter.


Winter tights

A good running tights are a must for running in winter. It is important to choose a tights that insulates well and that will keep you a little extra warm, even if it is the legs that are most active during running training.

As a good training tights for women we can recommend ourLight Thermal Leggings.This is asuper training tights which can be used for running training in the winter. The tights have a brushed inside - which makes it well suited for training outside . The tights have a drawstring around the waist and are high-waist, in in addition, the fabric is durable, versatile and soft.This tights suitable as onegood winter tights for women on the slightly milder winter days . The tights have tooreflective details at the bottom of the leg, which makes the winter tights extra functional.

svart vintertights til dameBlå tights til vinter

Another option is to use our selection ofrunning tights, medwool underwear under.

Løpetights til dame med lomme på sidenUll leggings til dame


Layer on layer: Thin wool sweater and stilongs for running this winter

It's a good idea to wear more layers when to go out and run in winter. Therefore, we first and foremost recommend a thin wool sweater to use as a basic garment for the run. Then it's springwool sweater andwool pants a great choice.The wool set is made of the soft merino wool - something that takes care of itultimate comfort as well as warmth. This is wool underwear which will not itch, transports moisture, breathes well and has good insulation. In this way, you will perform well in the outdoor training while you will keep warm.In addition, this thin wool sweater is designed in such a way that it will not smell or curl, and willkeep its flattering shape much longer.

burgunderrød tynn ullgenser til løpetur dame tynn ullgenser til løpetur


Running jacket for winter

If you are looking for one jacket for running training in the winter There are many to choose from in the market. The best thing to think about is to get a jacket that will not only keep you warm and give you the best comfort during the run in the cold, but also give you enough space and mobility to be able to perform your very best.

We can recommend ours Wonder Stretch Jacket. This is a light and stylish jacket for women that you can use for both training or a city trip. The jacket will keep you comfortable and warm, which will not stop you from training in colder weather. It's a good idea to wear onewool sweater under this jacket when going for a run this winter, as it is not suitable as complete protection against the cold in itself.

svart treningsjakke til dameLøpejakke til dame


Headband and hat for running in winter

A headband and a hat are important when going out for a run this winter. Then we recommend oursPace Headband  andknitted hat. Sthe door headband isgood at absorbing sweat and is difficult stretchy. What is also good about this headband is that itwill not slip down during the run which prevents you from being distracted, and thusyou will perform better. Pyou can use the annebånd both on a run or on a mountain hike.

svart treningspannebånd til damelue til dame


Wool socks for running in winter

To winter running you need socks that are both functional and that also retain heat. Then we recommend our blacksWool Knit Soccer. The wool socks are functional, soft and warm - they are made of high quality warm Merino wool. The fabric in these socks breathes very well, which makes them suitable for running trips. The socks can be used in a cold and raw climate we are well used to in the Nordic countries. You can also get these socks inankle length.

svarte ullsokker til løpingankellengde ullsokker


2. Remember to fasten well

In winter there is often a lot of snow and ice, and the roads are slippery. If you are going to take the running training outside, it is a good idea to get good ones running shoes for winter which gives the opportunity to put on spikes or spikes for the running shoes. Good winter sneakers is important if you are going out for winter running. Therefore, you may want to get good running shoes with spikes when you take the training out on icy roads this winter.


Good running shoes for women

If one needs a good pair running shoes for women which can be used for training in general, we recommend oursEndorphin RX1 running shoes.The shoes are breathable, have good cushioning and provide good support - but theynot suitable for outdoor use when it is slippery or wet. That's whyvery important that one obtainsspikes or other protection if you plan to wear these gorgeous running shoes out this winter. Then it is also very important that you test how the running goes with these shoes with spikes so that you do not cause any injuries.If you run on a path where there is gravel, these can be a good choice of running shoes for winter. OursEndorphin RX1 shoes have become a fast favorite and provide a good running experience, as well as they can be used for other types of training as well.

hvite løpesko til dameLøpesko til dame


3. Adjust the intensity according to the temperature

Exercising outdoors in the winter will be healthy for the lungs, but if the degree drops to -15, you should be careful. Cold air can irritate the lungs and cause the mucous membranes to be damaged. One solution to this would be to slow down if it gets too cold. Instead, add several short exercises to calm your heart rate and intensity.

4. Replace the sneakers with skis

To increase the variety, it can be fun to replace the running with a ski trip. This is also a great opportunity to take the whole family or a group of friends out for a walk, because the pace is moderate, it is a great activity that can be performed together. In this way, you will train at the same time as you have quality time with those you are close to. If you want tips for good cross-country clothing, seehere!

5. Heating can prevent injuries

In winter, the risk of injuries due to cold joints and scenes increases, at the same time as it is a more challenging surface. Therefore, it will be important to spend time warming up in advance of the session, before increasing your speed. On cold days, the heating can be nice to perform indoors, and for a duration of 10-20 minutes. Read more about heatinghere!

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