Terrengløpesko til dame

The best trail running shoes

Rough terrain requires running shoes that have a good grip, good support around the ankles and can withstand both water and mud. These characteristics can be decisive for a successful run in demanding terrain. In this article, you will read more about the best running shoes for terrain and get tips on how to find the best running shoes for you and your needs.

Terrain running shoes

Ventdry RX1 

Water-repellent cross-country running shoes with good grip and good cushioning. The shoes ensure that your feet stay dry during the run, while the breathable mesh material ensures that you will neither feel clammy nor sweaty. The sneakers have a reflector on the back which ensures that you are seen when it is dark. The shoes are just as suitable as hiking shoes as they are for running in terrain. These shoes will take your running to a new level!


Breathable mesh material

Solid sole with good grip

How to choose the right running shoes?

When choosing new running shoes, you have to decide on the area of ​​use, whether it is running on terrain or on asphalt and a treadmill. This is crucial as the various activities require different grips to provide a smooth running experience. We have collected our best tips on how to choose the right running shoes here .

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Tips for getting in better shape

#1 Interval training

Interval training is one of the most effective forms of training fitness. You may have heard of 4x4 intervals? This type of interval can be performed on both a treadmill and asphalt. Start with a light warm-up before starting with 4 minutes of running to achieve 85-95% maximum heart rate and take a 2-3 minute break. This is performed a total of 4 times.

#2 Hill training

Hill training is good training for training thighs and glutes. On the platform Tiktok, 12-5-30 has become a well-known training session for training fitness. On a treadmill, this session is performed by setting the treadmill to an incline of 12, the pace to 5 km/h and walking for 30 minutes.

#3 High intensity training

High intensity training sessions are super effective for those who want short training sessions of 20-30 minutes. 4x4 is a form of high intensity training, but you can also do strength training where you select 4-5 different exercises and rotate them after 60 seconds with a 15 second break between each exercise.

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