Treningstopp guide til dame

Exercise stop guide

Training clothes is not just necessary. It is a motivating and inspiring factor to perform better training . To choose one training stop is one of the most important things one does, then a good sports stop can take training to new heights. Important factors one often looks at are functionality and freedom of movement so that one can focus 100% on the workout .

At Famme you can choose between different shapes and cuts. Whether you prefer a longer or shorter variant. Ours training tops is made of soft material, in gorgeous and neutral colors that give you a comfortable fit. With technical features such as breathable and moisture-transporting, you can take your training to new heights with one training top.



Seamless tank top

Seamless design is for you who have high demands on fit and freedom of movement. With soft summer you can avoid chafing and irritation during exercise.

Atlantic tank top is a singlet for training at both high and low intensity. With materials that are elastic and moisture transporting , with good ventilation you are ready to seize the day. This the training peak is long, seamless, with an open back and a mesh texture. Comes in the colors; white, black, blue and dark gray.

Hvit sømløs singlet til treningSvart sømløs singlet til trening


Another seamless variantsRefine tank top. This is made of a soft and comfortable material that both breathes and dries faster. With a great fit, you will be amazed at how good it feels! The training peak suitable for all types of training. Comes in the colors; black, gray and white.

Svart sømløs treningstopp Hvit sømløs treningstopp


Tech tank top is a seamless singlet with technical properties which makes it both light and elastic. With IONIC + prevents bacterial growth and bad smells, this keeps you fresh before, during and after exercise. The top has seamless texture that ensures better ventilation , and a gorgeous feminine design. Comes in the colors; black, gray and white.

Teknisk singlet med sømløs design Teknisk singlet med sømløs design


Mesh tank top

Mesh tank topis a singlet with breathable and moisture-transporting fabric, which will keep you dry, comfortable and confident. With a simple and stylish design, the top fits all sports and activities. In addition, the top has one loose-fit , which is partial cropped . This makes the training singlet great for sweat party sessions. Comes in the colors; black and white.

Mesh trening singlet Mesh trening singlet


Wait tank topis a singlet you are guaranteed not to get enough of. With a fabric that both feels good against the skin and wipes away sweat, you will stay comfortable. It has an incredibly nice fit with turns, and mesh in the back that breathes. Feel free to go up a size for a better fit. Comes in the colors; black and white.

Tank top med mesh i ryggenTank top med mesh i ryggen


Classic training singlet

Gym tank top is a simple but sophisticated singlet for training. With a comfortable fabric, which makes this stretchy it can be used for all kinds of training. Tank tops n is somewhat wide, so we recommend going down a size for a more snug fit. Comes in the colors; black and white.

Trening singletTrening singlet


Strap tank top is a singlet with half-open back and intersecting straps that provide this training the top a unique design. The top is made of modal that makes the top both soft, breathable and comfortable, this is one singlet which is excellent for HIIT exercises. Feel free to combineTie dye sports well to compliment the top. Comes in the color black.

Singlet med kryss og åpen ryggSinglet med kryss og åpen rygg


Element tank top is a flattering top in stretch and soft material. Tank the top is very comfortable and has a cross in the middle which makes it fit very well on the body. This is a versatile top as it fits perfectly with your daily activities such as shopping, yoga or workouts. Comes in color; black and white.

Flatterende topp med kryss i midtenFlatterende topp med kryss i midten


Oversized tank top (reservation item) is a singlet with a looser fit that is suitable for strength training. The top is light and made of cotton.

oversized singletoversized singlet


T shirt

Seamless t-shirt

Refine t-shirt is an incredibly good training stop which has a nice fit. It is made of a soft and comfortable material that both breathes and dries faster. At the same time is t-shirt long in length, and there are no worries about it curling up. Refine is has a seamlessly design similar to the tank top. Comes in the colors; black, gray and white.

T-skjorte til treningTrenings t-skjorte


Seamless cropped t-shirt is a card seamless training stop which is suitable for training due to good stretch and effectivemoisture transport. This top has a good fit with nice seamless texture that ensures good breathability. Trainingthe top dries quickly and keeps you comfortable even when you are at max heart rate. Comes in the colors; beige, gray, black and purple.

Sømløs cropped t-skjorteSømløs cropped t-skjorte


Technical t-shirts

Texture t-shirt is an airy and light training stop . This has breathable and moisture-transporting materials that keep you comfortable and dry even through high-intensity training. With a stylish opening in the back that both gives it a feminine feel, you get extra air. Comes in the colors; black and white.

Teknisk t-skjorte med åpen ryggTeknisk t-skjorte med åpen rygg


Another technical training stop isTech t-shirt. Which, like the tech tank top, has the same features. The top has one seamless texture that provides better ventilation. Comes in the colors; white, gray and black.

Sømløs teknisk t-skjorteSømløs teknisk t-skjorte


    Crop top

    Seamless crop top

    Power seamless top has a minimalist design, but delivers the top tier under performance. The top has a good hold-in effect and support . It is made of moisture-transporting material in combination with rib knit and reinforced shoulder straps. This top is the first choice for many. The top comes in countless colors.

    Seamless crop top til dameSeamless crop top til dame


    Seamless crop topis made for training with low and high intensity. It is moisture wicking and dries quickly. This is a elastic top which is both soft and comfortable. Perfect for several occasions.

    Seamless topp til høy og lav intensitets treningSeamless topp til høy og lav intensitets trening


    Elevate crop top is both elastic and moisture-transporting and is therefore suitable for both high and low intensity training. This top keeps the breasts in place, and can therefore be used as one sports bra .

    seamless crop top som kan benyttes som sportsbhseamless crop top som kan benyttes som sportsbh


    Crop top from low to high intensity

    Pure crop topis designed for low intensity training such as yoga or Pilates. The top is very flexible, comfortable, and versatile. It can therefore also be used in everyday life.

    Trenings topp til lav intensitets trening Trenings topp til lav intensitets trening


    Flow crop top is a training stop made of soft and moisture-transporting materials for low and medium intensity. The training peak best suited for strength training and comes with removable inserts . The top has medium support. With a wide waistband and good compression, you get extra support for the breasts. The top can therefore also be used as one sports bra .

    Treningstopp som egner seg som sportsbh Treningstopp som egner seg som sportsbh


    Do you want one ribbed crop top we can recommendLine. This is made of a soft, flexible and breathable ribbed material. The top does not have inserts, but can be used without a sports bra as it has one tight fit . The crop top is suitable for everyday life and days with low-intensity training.Treningstopp i stram fit modellTreningstopp i stram fit modell


    Wonderzip crop top has nice details. This short-sleeved the training peak hair zipper and knit around the waist for one snug fit . The fabric is moisture-transporting, elastic and light, and is therefore well suited for training with low, medium or high intensity. The top is partially open at the back.

    Crop top til trening med detaljerCrop top til trening med detaljer

    Extended sports brais one of our latest hybrid sports bra / crop top which immediately became a favorite with our customers. The training top has a built-in sports bra and beautiful straps in the back. It comes in fresh colors like green, blue, red, pink, black and white.




    Long-sleeved training top

    Essential longsleeve

    Essential LS is one of our best-selling training tops with long sleeves. It fits perfectly alone or over other training tops. It is made with a technical material that breathes, and feels soft against the body. Comes in the colors black, white, gray green, blue, beige and pink!


    Ribbed seamless long sleeve

    This longsleeve training top is cropped and ribbed, which makes it fit incredibly well. It comes with a matchingribbed tights, so you can have a trendy workout kit! Comes in the colors beige, light beige, black, white and green.


    Acid Scrunch Long Sleeve

    Another popular long-sleeved training top is our new oneAcid Scrunch top! This top has is seamless with scrunch on the chest. It comes is cropped and made of a soft material. Comes in the colors pink, yellow, purple and green.

    Can be matched with oursAcid Scrunch tights for a complete look!


    How to style workout tops?

    How to style your training top First, you need to find the top that best suits the activity you are going to perform. Then you should think about which one sports bra you should have below and if you want onetraining tights orshorts. We have all of the selection with us.

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