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Guide to seamless lingerie

Are you looking for quality lingerie that both looks and feels good Among the large selection of lingerie online, it can be difficult to know what you should choose. In this guide, we have gathered our selection of seamless underwear for maximum comfort. 

Underwear should give you support, comfort and ensure your well-being in all circumstances. This is especially important during the workout. The underwear should not be a nuisance, create irritation or give unfortunate folds under the clothes, are some qualities we value. In other words, it's interesting to see how important underwear is, when it does not seem most of the day.

For us women, it is often more essential to have underwear we feel comfortable in and that matches both the day's form and mood. This guide takes you through our selection of underwear.

What is seamless underwear?

Underwear with visible seams and edges are very unflattering under training clothes, especially shorts and tights that are snug. Seamless underwear is a special type of underwear that is made without visible seams and edges . This means that the underwear was not visible under clothing.

Many people choose seamless underwear because it lies very flat against the skin, and thus appears more discreet than traditional underwear.We have therefore developed a series of seamless underwear that fits perfectly under both everyday clothes and training clothes.

This is the ultimate underwear for women, which is both discreet under clothing, comfortable and flattering! Find your favorite - whether you are looking for underwear for training or everyday.


Seamless panties

We can all recognize that buying panties is both time consuming and money consuming. How often have you not shopped for panties, which either do not fit or are uncomfortable? Especially during a workout, panties are the biggest concern. We are all concerned that the panty edge should not be shown through, and that the panty stays in place well, without folding or giving irritations. Famme's seamless panties are designed for you who want zero worry in everyday life and at the gym. With a thong orhipster letter, you get soft and comfortable fabric that ensures that you are comfortable around the clock.

Ourseamless stringtruse for ladies is perfect for both everyday life and training. The fabric in the panties consists of Italian nylon with a lined cotton wedge in the crotch that feels very comfortable against the abdomen. The thin and soft fabric makes the thongs virtually invisible under tight-fitting clothing. It also gives no lines!This seamless panties are available in both black and beige. Another option ishipster which are seamless, these are perfect for any everyday or activity.

Seamless svart stringtruseSømløs stringtruse til dameHipster brief seamless


Seamless bralette

Like panties, bras are one of the most annoying garments. Not only do you have pillars that press against the skin, or that eventually fall out of your bra and gnaw at you. The same applies to straps that are not regulated well enough. Therefore isBralette is a better option for you who get as annoyed as me.

So if you want the complete seamless underwear set, the thong can be combined with ours seamless bralette. This is a playless bra with team and removable pads, who do not make lines under the clothes. The material is soft and it is very comfortable to wear. The bra is suitable for both everyday and lower-intensity activities.

Seamless bralette til dame  Seamless bralette til dame  Hvit seamless sportsbh til dame

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With the cold winter approaching, it's time to switch ankle socks to tennis socks. Or maybe you are a freezer all year round and wear longer socks independently.White cloud knit socks are tennis socks made of cotton with good stretch. Whether you like to wear high socks for training, or in everyday life, these are the perfect match for you, as they stay stable and do not fall down during training.

If you are more interested in warm everyday socks we can recommendwool knit soccer which are made of merino wool, despite the fact that they keep warm, they have breathable properties that keep you from getting damp. If you still do not get hot, we can recommend good onesrag socks made of 95% Norwegian wool. Whether you are going to ski, relax in the cabin or at home, these are designed with your well-being in mind. Ragg socks are perfect as a gift for a mom or girlfriend.

Hvite tennissokkerLange Ullsokker Raggsokker til dame


Maybe you do not recognize yourself in the use of long tennis socks Even when you are a freezer stick, you still choose to go for the ankle socks option. You are not the only one, and therefore we have a good selection for you within this. In a shorter version of tennis socks we have ankle length of sky knitwith the same features and characteristics. The same goes forwool knit socks which we offer in an ankle length.

Are you interested in seamless Can we recommend our seamless light knit ankle socks. These sit cast on your foot throughout the workout. In addition, the sock has a tongue at the back which means that you avoid both chafing and that the sock slides down into the shoe. These are a must have for anyone who wants to go barefoot.t.

Ankel lengde tennissokker Seamless treningssokkerSvarte ankellengde ullsokker

For those of you who want to go barefoot all year round, or just want to show your ankle, we offer socks that do not show. Here we have boatscotton socks andbamboo socks. These socks are perfect all year round. Whether you want to wear these in the summer or at the gym, the socks are versatile. With increased comfort and durability, the need for more socks will not be necessary.

Bamboo no show sokkerBambus sokker no show

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A garment anyone should have in the wardrobe is definitely a bodysuit. If you are looking for a bodysuit that suits both everyday and evening, then ours is long-sleevedchill bodysuit the choice for you. You can combine this with countless options; sling pants, skinny jeans or flared. The garment is both light and comfortable.

Svart enkel bodysuitSvart langermet bodysuit

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Wool underwear

Wool underwear can actually not get enough of. Sitting inside or getting ready to go out in the cold breeze, then matching wool underwear is an absolute must have. But one can actually also miss out on this purchase. Wool is often known to itch against the skin, and smells bad after use. Based on this, we have come up with wool knit underwear. This is made of fantastic merino wool for your well-being. With good insulation and moisture-transporting moisture, the woolen clothes will not itch, curl or smell. Combinetights withthe sweater for the perfect set in the cold.

Ullundertøy som ikke klør eller lukterUlltøy i merinoull som ikke klør

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