Forskjellen mellom ullundertøy og superundertøy

Wool Underwear Vs. Super underwear

References to wool underwear and super underwear are often used interchangeably and there may not be many who think that there is any difference between these words. The truth is that there is a pretty big difference in the fabrics, and which garment you should wear is essential in relation to the activity to be performed.


Wool underwear

Wool underwear is made of fabric with good insulation and therefore warms more than super underwear. These garments are best suited if you want to move with low intensity in cold weather over a long period of time. If you sweat or get wet, the underwear will be able to absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture and at the same time continue to be dry and warm the body.


We offer bothwool sweater andwool pants in merino wool that can be used separately or as a set. These have antistatic properties so that they do not itch, smell bad or curl during use. In addition, we havelong wool socksandwool socks at ankle height which both warms and has good breathability.

Merinoull genser som transporterer fuktighet med god isolasjon     Merinoull bukse som transporterer fuktighet med god isolasjon


Super underwear

In contrast to wool underwear, the super underwear is best suited for high-intensity activities. It is usually made with artificial fibers to ensure full freedom of movement. The underwear carries all moisture away from the body, but no longer keeps you warm after the garment is wet. The fabric absorbs more odor than wool underwear does, but in return it is more durable and can withstand more washing.


We currently have onesuper underwear sweater as a reservation item. This elastic, insulating and lightweight upper will eventually go on sale!

Superundertøy reserveringsvare med god isolasjon i rødt    Superundertøy reserveringsvare med god isolasjon i hvitt