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Leggings for pregnant women!

Tights for pregnant women🤰🏽

Exercise and physical activity during pregnancy are both good and wise. It is advisable to train with medium high intensity, and not expose the body to excessive stress. However, it is important not to expose the body to abnormal amounts of stress through exercise.Here we have gathered exercise exercises you can perform during pregnancy. A leisurely run is a very good activity for pregnant women to preserve their physique and feel good. If you have not trained much in the first place, you should be careful, but physical activity in moderate intensity is only good! In aarticle in NHI, journalist Merethe Kvam writes, among other things, that training as a pregnant woman contributes to a less complicated birth and better self-esteem.

Exercising as a pregnant woman can present many challenges, especially when it comes to exercise noise. The old training clothes no longer fit, and you will have to buy new ones. What to buy and where to get training clothes suitable for pregnant women Whether you are going to train or just need something comfortable to wear, a pair of comfortable tights is a good alternative. 

At Famme, we have a great desire to produce tights that can be used by all target groups. Several of our customers have shown us that our tights can be used during pregnancy. Based on reviews and feedback from our great customers, we have created onelist over tights that you can wear during pregnancy!


Shiva tights

This seamless tights is highly valued by many of our pregnant customers. It is super comfortable and does not tighten too much around the stomach. It is high in the waist, but still elastic enough that it does not irritate or press on the stomach. WithShiva tights you can start with your regular size, possibly go one size up. The tights come in many nice colors, and you will definitely look fresh in this one!

shiva tights famme

Rib tights

This tights has long been a favorite among all our customers, and especially pregnant women with a growing belly. It is extremely elastic, so these are tights you can wear throughout pregnancy. One of our customers has used this tights in week 32 and says that the tights do not tighten on the stomach, slide down or are transparent. These are definitely tights you can wear both during and after pregnancy.


rib tights famme


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