• Marketing

    Are you the one who should take these pictures, post them on social media or create content and ads Digital marketing, we do 100% in-house and there are therefore great opportunities to learn a little of everything! Whether it's ads, influencers, affiliates or content you want to work with, we work with most things..

  • Graphic design

    You will be the next to create banners like this If you can put together images and text, design logos and have an interest in developing yourself graphically. Then do not hesitate to get in touch!!

  • Product development and purchasing

    Do you want to make the 3D model in the picture above Are you interested in fashion and want to help decide what is sold in the online store Then you may be our future product developerer?

  • Storage and logistics

    We know you have already placed an order. So now we need even more in stock to give you the best delivery and best service. Do you want to help keep customers for a long time Do not hesitate to apply for a warehouse job so we get the packages out on time!!

  • Accounting and finance

    We have big ambitions. We'll be bigger than Zalando. We must have control over the figures and get in touch with investors to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. Are you a number cruncher or can contribute with financing, accounting and finance. Then you are welcome to #fammely!

  • Development

    Good developers who can help us automate "everything" are important. Customers expect things to be resolved quickly. By streamlining processes with logical thinking and automation at all levels, we will manage this. Then we need developers!

  • HR and management

    As an organization grows, it gets more branches, in several different countries. Then the need for a larger HR department increases and good management and structure becomes even more important! Do you like to systematize everything and communicate, listen and constantly improve. Then HR and management might be for you!

  • Customer service

    We aim to respond to all customers within working hours within 6 hours. Do you want to help us reach that goal??


Work in the fast growing e-commerce startup

Famme is a Norwegian e-commerce company and one of the fastest growing clothing brands in Europe. We are positive about remote and we employ from all over Norway for most positions. We have an office in Oslo. Whether you are student applying for internship and internship or experienced in e-commerce already, we are happy to accept an open application that will be considered and answered.

Apply for a job - remote or office

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Job description

See all the descriptionshere. How to apply for an internship or internship Use the application form above and choose one of the internship roles we have opened for.

Digital marketing internship


  • Everything that falls under digital marketing
  • Social Media
  • Create content for ads, website, social media
  • Create campaigns on all relevant platforms
  • Manage collaborations with partners, such as influencers


Influencer markets internship

There are 3 overall goals of influencer marketing:

1. Sales and awareness

2. Content

3. Community

Your job will be to contribute to increased sales, better content and help create a community around the brand. This means following up orders, arranging campaigns, analyzing and planning so that all products are adequately promoted through influencers and that we have UGC for all products.

Graphic designer internship

There are 2 possibilities in graphic design, what is related to marketing such as website, ads, etc. and what is related to clothing.

Website and marketing:

  • Website design
  • Banners
  • Email templates m.m
  • Help keep your graphic profile consistent
  • Ads content
  • Stories / posts on social media

Clothing design:

  • Packaging, hang tags, etc.
  • Low tech packs
  • Design for clothes. Textures, placement, etc.

    Internship buyer

    As a buyer   Your main task will be to contribute to purchasing in an efficient and commercially optimal way. You must be dedicated and have a strong desire to improve purchasing processes and methods and work well with all departments.


    • Processing of inquiries, offers and contracts with suppliers
    • Continuous follow-up, development and evaluation of suppliers
    • Analysis and optimization of stock and purchasing volume - the right quality, the right price, the right time
    • Qualitative maintenance, monitoring and development of ERP system
    • Further develop and maintain procedures and instructions in accordance with quality and contract requirements
    • Work closely with the production and technical department
    • Actively challenge your own organization and suppliers for the most efficient purchasing process and the best possible purchasing conditions

    Warehouse worker

    Your work tasks in stock will be:

    • Packing
    • Reception of goods
    • Customer service
    • item count

    Customer service staff


    - Respond to inquiries primarily by email, but also via SoMe and chat

    - Answer product questions

    - Provide excellent customer service to the company's customers

    - Occasional administrative tasks within customer service


    We are looking for you as:

    - Has relevant experience from customer service or similar operations.

    - Feel free to have experience in exercise, diet or nutrition.

    - Has good computer skills, it is an advantage to have experience from Shopify, Slack, Gorgias

    - Is service-minded, committed and solution-oriented.

    - Has good communication skills.

    - Has fluent written and oral knowledge of Norwegian, and good knowledge of English.

    Developer / programmer internship

    Famme's ambition is to be a world-leading supplier of clothing for women. To achieve this goal, we need good developers on the team.

    A little about existing code:

    • Uses Python
    • The code base consists of small web apps, small scripts for retrieving and manipulating data via APIs
    • Runs the code in the "cloud"
    • Bottle as a framework for web apps

    System development tasks:

    1. Build on internal tools

    2. Shopify web development

    3. Analysis of data

    4. Integration between systems. For example Airtable and Shopify, Klaviyo and slack etc.

    5. Set up webhooks and automations with it. For example, X happens in Shopify, send a message on Slack

    6. Create new web apps to simplify workflow. Examples of web apps that have been created are an app that takes data in Shopify per product and creates a barcode label that the suppliers paste on the product.

    7. Explore new technology we can use to simplify everyday life

    8. Help to create "no-code" systems using Airtable, Zapier and other newer tools You do not need to know all this to apply. Lots of opportunities to learn.