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How to choose the right sports bra

A regular bra is, as everyone knows, designed for everyday activities with a very low intensity level. Wearing a regular bra during exercise is therefore known in many women to be completely hopeless and not least uncomfortable. Therefore, the sports bra will be important during every training session, but what should you really look for when looking for the perfect sports bran? 

Choosing a sports bra can be problematic at times, your breasts grow, sag and change over time, and it can be uncomfortable if the training bra does not give you the support you need. Therefore, we in Famme closet have a guide for you who are unsure of what to look for when buying a new sports bra. If you want to take a look at Famme's sports bras, you can check outFamme's sports bra collection on our website,


In this post you will find:

  • Low support training bra
  • Medium Support training bra
  • High support training bra
  • Things to keep in mind when buying a sports bra
  • Size guide
  • Questions and answers


Low support training bra

Low support is not an optimal training bra for everyone. If you are on the larger side of breast size, we would recommend choosing something with higher support regardless of the intensity of the workout. A sports bra with low support is best suited for low-intensity training and / or ladies / girls with smaller breasts. The bras are made of a soft material and focus on flexibility and comfort; they usually have thinner straps and they are sold without strap adjustment..

  • Suitable for types of exercise such as yoga, pilates, brisk walking, golf, etc.

We recommend watchingBras with low support: such as Scrunchie Sports Bra or Seamless Bralette.

 Seamless bralette fits well under clothes and feels comfortable all day long.


Medium support training bra

Medium support focuses more on support and moisture, while still being comfortable; here you can find slightly wider straps, and some of them tend to have strap adjustment. A bra with medium support is best suited for training with medium intensity or high-intensity training that does not include as much jumping.

  • Medium support is well suited for strength training, skiing, cycling, rowing and core training

We recommend taking a look at bras with medium support, such as Extended Sports Bra or Camo Sports Bra

Extended Sports Bra also fits perfectly as a crop-top.


High support training bra

A sports bra with high support is dedicated to high-intensity training. With these bras, the main focus is to provide extra support and good moisture management; they should sit close to the body, be a little tight, have wide straps and inserts. They are therefore designed to provide comfort where the breasts are not in the way or hurt during the workout..

  • The focus is usually on training such as running, crossfit and HIIT when buying a sports bra with high support, but they are also perfect if you have large breasts that need more support regardless of the intensity of the training session.

We have a good selection of sports bras with good support and comfort high-intensity training, among other thingsGym Sports Bra orElevate Crop Top


Both of these options can be used as either Bra or Crop-Top.


Things to keep in mind when buying sports bras

  1. Do not buy an oversized bra! It must be snug, but you must also be able to breathe!
  2. Use your regular bra measurements as guidelines and look at ourssize guide for extra help!
  3. Just because you have smaller breasts does not mean that you can avoid wearing sports bras and not have the unwanted effects. As long as you exercise without the right equipment, it can eventually result in looser breasts.
  4. There is no stress if you did not buy the right sports bra according to the different types of training. You need different types of bras anyway! Besides, you never know until you try it yourself!!


Size guide

It can be difficult to know which size to choose if you have not bought a sports bra before, or if the size has changed. Therefore, we have a size guide on our pages that you can find here!


Questions and answers

There are many things girls and ladies wonder when it comes to buying a sports bra and it is always okay with a little knowledge before investing in anything. We have collected the most common questions about sports bras and answers! Read on for our best tips and maybe you will get answers to questions you have.


1. Why is there a sports bra 

Bras have been invented and reinvented since ancient times, but sports bras are fairly new, more precisely, 1977. It was invented by an American who could not run because of the pain she got in her breasts. Since then, sports bras have been one of the most important garments for women when it comes to exercise, because they provide comfort and women avoid pain..


2. Why should I wear a sports bra when I exercise?

When we exercise, we move the body and implicitly the breasts, more than when we perform daily work. If you do not have the right training bra, you may experience either discomfort or pain. What happens then is most likely that we adjust the body so that we avoid the pain, which in turn can lead to back pain. If you want to avoid unnecessary pain, you should wear a sports bra with good support.


3. What kind of bra is there and how should I choose the right one for me?

There are two main types of sports brasr

  • Compression bras: These bras usually come in pull-over styles without built-in cups (here can you find an example)
  • Encapsulation bra: These are training bras for high intensity training with built-in inserts, these are also suitable for ladies with large breasts, even if they do not train they offer a lot of support ( (here can you find an example)

You should choose a training bra depending on what type of activity you should do.


4. How should my sports bra fite?

Exercise bra is designed to keep your breasts in place, while constantly moving, so you should get more support than from a regular bra, at the same time you need to be able to breathe. Remember that you do not have to buy a smaller cup size to keep your breasts in place, because the sports bra is meant to do that no matter if you have large breasts. A tip for ladies who are struggling to find support is to buy a sports bra with inserts..

Tip: Look at ours Bra Size Guide if you are wondering how to find or measure bra size.


5. What other features are important when choosing a Sports Bra?

In addition to supporting and reducing the high stress from the various sports, one of the most important properties is what the fabric is made of. It is wise to stick to it moisture-transporting materials which does not absorb sweat. It is important to remember when looking for exercise clothes.


6. Can you wear a sports bra every day?

Sportswear has become more popular in recent years, both because more and more exercisers, but also because we have been in a pandemic; but there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Sports bras tend to be too tight and that's why they are perfect for training; but if you use it for a long period of time without taking it off or giving the body a break, it can lead to weakening of the back muscles, which in turn can cause (among other things) shoulder pain.r.
  • In addition to that, wearing a sports bra all day, it can lead to skin problems such as rashes, skin irritation and even fungal infections in severe cases.

So we recommend that you wear the right training clothes when you exercise, but it is generally best if you do not wear tight clothing day and night.


7. Shrinks Sports bra breasts?

This is usually a misconception among our younger audience. Growth throughout the body is not affected by what we wear, but by hormones, exercise and diet (and by that, we mean what you eat). It is recommended that you find the right size for the benefit of both comfort and support. So no, the sports bra will not affect the size of your breasts..


8. I have big breasts, I should wear 2 Sports bra?

You do not need that! If you do not get the support you need, just find a bra with good support that fits to you ! There are several types of exercise bras. Ladies with large breasts can use what we call encapsulation sports bra for high-intensity training, even if you do something like yoga or pilates. If you do not like this look, and would like to try something different, then we recommend that you take a look at our training top with built-in bra Power Seamless Topp


9. How should I wash my Sports bras??

Ideally, you should wash your sports bras after each use, especially if you live in a hot climate or usually sweat a lot. Frequent washing will help eliminate the bacteria that are transmitted from the body to the claws, remove the odor and extend the life of the bra. Do not put it in the dryer, as it will damage the elastic and the fabric of the bra; over time, the bra will lose support.te.


10. How many Sports bras should I own?

You should own a sports bra for every day you exercise. If you exercise twice a week, you should have two on rotation. If you exercise four to five times a week, you can try to have at least four on rotation, then you have time to wash them after each use.

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