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How to choose the right sports bra

Sports bra is more important than you think! Get the training clothes that suit your needs and then you will have the best time when you train! Here you will find the best tips so read on!

It is easy in our time to forget about how important it is to wear a bra. We are so used to "living in loungewear" that comfort is the only thing that matters to us - and this is very understandable when this global pandemic is going on for longer than we thought it was possible. But why is a sports bra especially so important No matter how small, your breasts move when you exercise. Why is it so bad, you might ask? 

Here are 3 reasons to wear Sports Bra

  1. First of all, the breasts are mainly made of skin, fat and connective tissue that can move as much as 20 cm when you exercise. Overtime, it can result in premature nipples.
  2. If you wear sports bras, then your chest movement is significantly reduced and you will be more comfortable, especially if you train at medium or high intensity.
  3. If you often experience pain in the shoulders and neck and do not wear a sports bra, we suggest that you buy one as soon as possible! Your pain will most likely go away!

How to know what to buy, when there are so many options 


Sports Bra Guide - choose the best one for your needs

It is 3 main types of sports bra you should pay attention to:

1. Sports bra forlow intensity training
    • this applies to yoga, pilates, brisk walking, golf etc
    • these bras are usually made of soft materials and focus on flexibility and comfort; they usually have thinner straps and they are sold without
      band adjustment;
    • we then recommend that you look at bras such as: Seamless Bralette orSuave Sports Bra  
                              Young woman with black sport bra good for low intensity training like yoga     Young woman in soft black sports bra, good for low intensity training     

       2. Sports bra formedium-intensive training 

      • there are usually activities such as skiing, cycling, gym and core training
      • in this category, the bras focus more on support and moisture, while still being comfortable; here you can find slightly wider straps, and some of them tend to have strap adjustment
      • we again suggest the best for you - here are some of our best sellers for this category:Marble Sports BraandSky Sports Bra 

                                Woman with black marble print sports bra for good support     woman black sports bra, good for medium intensity training offering good support

      3. Sports bra forhigh intensity training 
      • here we usually talk about running, crossfit and HIIT, but they are also perfect if you have large breasts that need more support
      • it is quite obvious that the main focus here is extra support and good moisture management; they should sit a little tight, have wide, adjusting straps and inserts; sometimes there are even sports bras with zippers
      • Famme offers you both good support and comfort with our best bras for high-intensity training:High Impact Sports Bra andShine Sports Bra

                               high impact sports bra for good support     beige women sports bra with adjustable straps and good support for high intensity training

      Things to keep in mind when buying Sports Bras

      1. Do not buy too small a bra! It must be snug, but you must also be able to breathe!
      2. Use your regular bra measurements as guidelines and look at ourssize guide for extra help!
      3. Just because you have smaller breasts, does not mean you can avoid wearing sports bras and not have the side effects. As long as you train without the right equipment, premature sagging will eventually happen.
      4. There is no stress if you did not buy the right bra according to the different types of training. You need different types of bras anyway! Besides, you never know until you try it yourself!


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