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Why is wool underwear important?

It goes towards colder and darker times - winter is coming and then it is important to stay good and warm. In Famme we have a large selectionwool underwear for women, but why is it important to wear wool at the bottom?

The most important thing to keep in mind when dressing for the cold is to stay warm throughout the day, and through all kinds of activity. In the Nordic countries, we are exposed to all kinds of weather that changes quickly, and wool helps to keep us prepared for all kinds of weather and wind. Wool is important when we are in cold and humid climates, and it helps keep the skin dry when you get sweaty or wet.

Wool underwear is temperature-regulating and helps keep you warm on cold days. Wool underwear can be used whether it is hot or cold outside, since it has temperature-regulating properties. It transports moisture away from the skin, and does not need to be washed often since it has self-cleansing properties.

What is the difference between wool underwear and super underwear?

What exactly is the difference between wool underwear and super underwear? This is something most people take for granted, but the truth is that which fabric you choose has a lot to say for the activity to be performed..

Reviews ofwool underwear andsuper underwear are often used interchangeably and there may not be many who think that there is any difference between these garments. The truth is that there is a pretty big difference in the drugs, and which option you should go for is essential in relation to the activity to be performed.

Wool underwear

Wool underwear is made of fabric with good insulation and therefore warms more than super underwear . These garments are best suited if one over one longer period should move with low intensity in cold weather. If you sweat or get wet, the underwear will be able to absorb 30% of its own weight in moisture and at the same time continue to be dry and warm the body.

We offer both wool sweater and wool pants in merino wool that can be used separately or as a set. These have antistatic properties so that they do not itch, smell bad or curl during use. In addition, we have long wool socks and wool socks at ankle height which both warms and has good breathability.

Svart og blå ulltrøye til dame i merinoull  Rød ullstilongs til dame i merinoull


Super underwear

In contrast to wool underwear, super underwear is best suited when performing activities with high intensity . It is usually made with artificial fibers to secure full freedom of movement . Very suitable for shit or a running in the cold. The underwear carries all moisture away from the body, but no longer keeps you warm after the garment is wet. The fabric absorbs more odor than wool underwear does, but in return there is more durable and withstands more washing.

Ulltøy genser til dame med detaljer på ryggenSvart ullstilongs til dame


What kind of woolen clothes should I choose?

Wool underwear sweater

Here you can, for example, use springWool Knit LS sweater, which is a beautiful and stylish wool underwear sweater for ladies. Thisthe wool underwear is made of good merino wool, which gives the garment more comfort and better well-being. In addition, this wool underwear for women is made to provide good insulation and which is good at transporting moisture. This is one of the better wool underwear sweaters for women out there - as it does not itch, it does not curl and not least it does not smell! Stay warm and fresh this fall and winter season with springWool Knit LS sweater. 

god og varm ullundertøy genser til dameVinrød ullundertøy genser til dame

Wool underwear trousers

Then we also have leggings that matchthe sweater, namely oursWool Knit Leggings. These good and warm tights for women are also made of fantastic merino wool, which will keep you warm during the changing seasons in the Nordics. These are a pair of good wool underwear leggings that insulate well and transport moisture, and will not curl, itch or smell bad.

god varm ullundertøy tights til dameUllundertøy til dame

Technical wool underwear for women

Are you looking for wool underwear with good and warm merino wool, which does not itch and stays well or more times use Then we can recommend Techwool sweater andpants. But good ventilation, you will not experience getting damp during several activities, while Techwool has odor-inhibiting properties.

Teknisk ullgenser og bukse til dame i sprek fargeTeknisk ullgenser og bukse til dame i svart

Wool socks for women

Wool socks are one of the most important things to keep in mind when using wool underwear, as the feet are where you can get cold as easily as possible and which affect the rest of the body. OurBlack Wool Knit Socks andBlack Wool Knit Ankle Socks perfect for you who want warm feet for hiking and training this autumn - both socks are functional and comfortable and are made from the good quality Merino wool we all know and they are guaranteed to keep you warm. The fabric breathes well and will keep you prepared for the climate in the Nordics, which is raw and wet - and cold. They are also extremely versatile as they can be used both on a trip outside, at training or at home in the living room or office.
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