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In the huge selection of clothes that exist today, countless garments are offered in different shapes, colors and fabrics that meet the needs of specific areas of use. The options may be too great for some, and it can be difficult to know which garments to use for which activities. This also applies to trousers, where in the sea of possibilities one finds among other thingstraining pants,turbukser,yoga pants,sling pants andsweatpants. Which trousers you want to go for is often based on personal preferences, but it can also be nice to get an overview of which trousers are best suited for the tasks to be performed.

This pants guide will therefore be great for more information on which product you should choose! In addition to the article, we also have onejeans guide which is perfect reading if one finds it difficult to find the perfect jeans.

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Training pants

Onetraining tights is often a first choice for many when it comes to completing a workout, but a good onetraining pants is also a good alternative. Tights are often characterized by the fact that they fit tighter on the body and are often a little thinner than the trousers, which are more spacious in the fit. If the session is to be performed at a gym, it may be okay with garments that are not too thick, but if you are going to move outside, it will be practical with a pair of trousers that warms up more.

A training pants can be used both as one running pants in the summer while it can work well as one ski pants in the winter. The fabric in our training pants is not very thick so that they can be used for several uses, but with the help of a layer ofwool underwear the pants will fit perfectly as cross-country trousers . Most hiking trousers are equipped with practical pockets and lacing at the waist, which makes the garments very functional when you go on a trip.

Grå treningsbukse til dame i tynt stoff Grønn treningsbukse til dame med glidelåslommerSvart treningsbukse til dame


Yoga pants

Yoga pants is characterized by its loose fit, preferably with wide legs so that one should feel a full freedom of movement. The trousers are therefore often produced seamless and thin in the fabric. Yoga pants are made for yoga and other low-intensity training, but are also valued by many as an everyday trousers. The trousers are often black, stylish and very useful. This allows them to be easily styled with anything fromtraining tops toknitted turtlenecks.

If you want to read more about our yoga pants, seehere!

Grå yogabukse til dame med pustende og fukttransporterende stoff  Svart yogabukse til dame, knitted pants med høyt liv


Sling pants

A major trend in the market today istrousers with sling. These trousers are available in several different variants, where you can find them, among other thingscuddly trousers with sling. Sling trousers with split is a variant that is also very popular among Norwegian women today, especially for jeans. In the wide range of sling trousers, these can be used both for training or for everyday use, here it is the fabric that determines which area of use the garment is best suited for.

Flare pants is well-liked as the fit gives a nice silhouette. The trousers are usually high at the waist and wide at the legs, and can therefore give a better illusion of nice shapes and you can seem taller - something more girls appreciate.

Read more about our sling pantshere!

Svart yogabukse med sleng i ribbestrikket bomull  Beige kosebukse med sleng i mykt og pustende stoff  Svart slengbukse i ribbestrikk med høyt liv


Velor trousers

Onechoose pants is a must in any woman's wardrobe. These are soft and comfortable cuddly pants which combines style and comfort. The trousers' use is for many a chille trousers you can use on holidays, on the sofa in front of the TV. At the same time also use more velor pants for other everyday chores. Velor trousers with a pocket at the back is especially well-liked these days as they are often associated with Juicy Couture's popular velor sling pants. We offer a similar pair of pants so you can feel nice and up to date without paying expensive judgments.

The fine velor trousers can also be matched with onevelor hoodie. Feel free to read more about our velor garmentshere!

Svart velur bukse til dame, Juicy Couture alternativ  Myk velour bukse, joggebukse med lomme bak



In addition to the soft velor cuddly trousers, we offer several different variantssweatpants. Comfortable trousers is always something you need, and can be used both for training and everyday. Famme has sweatpants in classic colors that allow them to be easily styled with differenthoodies andcrewnecks.

Which way you want to complete the look helps to decide which activities the outfit should be used for. The fit of the trousers will also be a decisive factor - whether the sweatpants are baggy or snug. If you are going to spend the day at home, the jogging pants can easily be matched with onehoodie, And at the gym it can be nice to combine the sweatpants with onetraining stop so that the body breathes better through the session.

Read more about the best sweatpantshere!

Svart joggebukse til dame med snøring i livet  Grå joggebukse til dame med store lommer  Svart slim fit joggebukse til dame med glidelåslommer


Dress pants

When you want to dress up a little extra, it's nice to have onedress pants available. In the same way as most trousers, this can be styled according to what to do and by using onecrewneck above, the suit trousers can also be used for everyday. If you are going out to eat with some friends or go out on the town, a suit pants are also a great alternative, and you can then style the pants up with a top and some nice jewelry.

Suit trousers are mostly in neutral, stylish colors such as black and white. This makes the opportunities to match with other garments great. One white suit trousers will therefore be able to be used again and again by just replacing the upper part - sustainable and cheap!

Read more about our suit trousershere!

Svart dressbukse til dame  Hvit penbukse til dame  Hvit dressbukse med lommer til dame



If you are going on a long trip, it can be nice to have hiking pants that can withstand weather and wind, and with that are thicker and more insulating than the training pants. Both of our hiking pants are waterproof and stretchy, equipped with practical pockets.

If the trip is to be performed in the summer, we would recommendFly DWR pants as it is a little thinner in the fabric, which can be comfortable to use when the temperature is high. These lightweight training trousers are therefore also easy to pack in your bag.Field slacks is on the other hand great to use if you are going on a more extensive and colder trip. These hiking pants are robust, comfortable and have good stretch, and fit perfectly as a pair of mountain pants.

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Svart, tynn turbukse til dame  Blå og svart slitesterk turbukse til dame  Rød og brun turbukse til dame med funskjonelle lommer 
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