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The best training jackets for women this year

Now that it's getting colder outside, it pays to wear a good training jacket that can withstand weather and wind. In Famme we have a wide selection oftraining jackets for ladies who are suitable for all kinds of activities - whether it is hiking or running. Here we have compiled a list of four of themour good jackets as good additions to the autumn wardrobe.

Stylish and windproof training jacket that fits most things

Stretchy og allsidig treningsjakke

Wonder Stretch Jacketis a super versatile training jacket that is suitable for both training and everyday use. It is designed to withstand weather and cold, while being waterproof. Thus, it is a must-have training jacket that can be used for many different things - the quality ensures that you stay warm and stylish and can switch between different activities during the day.


Comfortable and flattering running jacket

God treningsjakke til løpeturen
Pace Running Jacket is a favorite training jacket with us that fits perfectly with the run - It is light, breathable and windproof. With reflective details and a hood that can be removed, it is suitable as a super training jacket for the run through the summer and autumn, and for the winter it sits like a shot even with thicker layers underneath. It fits perfectly with oursEssential Leggings. If you are looking for a lightweight training jacket, this is perfect for you.

Long-sleeved training jacket perfect for running

Langermet treningsjakke til dame perfekt for vær og vind

SpringFleek Stretch Jacket perfect for you who love to get out - whether it is a run in nature or in the city. It is stretchy and is of good quality that will keep you warm for several hours - no matter what kind of activity you want to do. You will perform well in this!

Windproof rain jacket, a must-have for a training trip in the mountains

Kvalitetssikret og vanntett treningsjakke som passer til alt
Are you going on a mountain hike this autumn? Then it's spring Pace Rain Jackettraining jacket perfect for the occasion. This is a good 2-layer waterproof training jacket with breathable material. It is technical and light, and for you who are going on a trip, it provides good comfort no matter what the trip will bring in weather and wind. It ventilates and fits well with clothes underneath - whether it iswool underwear or a t-shirt. Adjustable with velcro, and practical with pockets. This is a rain jacket that will withstand most things!


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