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The best cross-country clothing for women

We iGirl has developed a simple guide to cross-country clothing that keeps you both warm and stylish on the ski slope!


Wool underwear should be the innermost layer

The inner layer should be snug and long-sleeved to hold you warm throughout the day. At the same time it must be functionally to move in. SpringWool Knit LS sweater in merino wool is perfect for a call winter day with activities on the list, as it regulates your body temperature to a comfortable level according to the conditions. If you have experienced that the woolen clothes itch or smell even after washing and drying, isWool Knit LS an excellent choice for you as it has antistatic properties; it does not itch , does not smell or curl. Another alternative to wool underwear is our new technical collection, with many of the same properties as Wool Knit isTechWool something more breathable in the fabric.

Ullundertøy genser til dame  Ulltrøye til dame

We offer matching bottoms,Wool Knit Leggings, Which is also made in delicious merino wool. The wool underwear absorbs the humidity which comes from Activity , and keeps you dry and warm all day long.The wool sweater andthe wool trousers can be used separately, but also as amatching sets to secure you some style points in the cross-country trail!

Ullundertøy bukse til dame  

Read more about the benefits of wool underwearhere!

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Keep your feet warm

We have all experienced the declining mood you get when you get cold or wet on your feet. On a day out on the ski slope, it is essential to keep your feet warm, while the fabric must breathe well. For this we recommend our blackswool knit soccer made of high qualitymerino wool, which fits just as well on the trail as back in the office, cottage or home in front of the fireplace.

Ullsokker til dame i svart   Ullsokker til dame i svart


Winter gloves and mittens for winter activities

Like cold feet, cold hands also quickly make the skiing experience a little sharper. OursPace Winter Gloves keeps you warm throughout the ski trip, while being designed for fullmobility.The silicone handle pattern make sure you do not miss the ski poles , and the velcro on the wrist is easily adjusted for a perfect fit ski jackets .The E-Tech material on the thumb and forefinger allows you to use the phone while you are ongloves, whether it's to check that you're on the right path or to snap photos for Instagram!

Vintervotter  Vinterhansker


Headband and hat for the ski trip

It is very important to keep your head warm, and for an activity like skiing we recommendPace headband. It is easier to wear on the head than a second garment, and warms well while keeping the hair and sweat away from the face.The headband are found in bothwhite andblack, so it can match the rest of the cross-country clothes dine.

Svart pannebånd for dame til langrenn  Svart strikket lue til dame


Apres ski

Winter is coming and that means mountain, snow, slalom andaprès ski. Thebest outfit for après ski 2022. Here you will definitely find something you want to use at an après ski party in the new year, and something that you can use otherwise when you go out to the mountains or on a ski trip.

One of the most important things to get for your après ski outfit is après ski goggles, or sports goggles as they are commonly known. In Famme we have a large selection ofcool sports glasses.

sportsbriller til dame afterski   afterski briller sportsbriller dame 


Apres ski outfit

Even though après ski is about dancing and being very active, it can still pay off with a good sweater to keep you extra warm in the cold. Apres ski clothes should often be colorful and fun - but it is also wise to think about staying warm and comfortable! You often wear a bubble jacket or ski jacket on the mountain, and then it pays to wear a sweater underneath that fits under such a jacket but at the same time looks fresh and warms you up. A good sweater that goes well with an après ski outfit is oursChunky Knit Sweater.

hvit varm strikkegenser til dame  tjukk polo genser
This is a super nice and versatile thick sweater you can throw overwool underwear for a great après ski outfit. The sweater retains heat while providing a good fit. This sweaterbest suited under a thick jacket when playing in the snow on the mountain. This knit sweater also comes in gray and black.
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