Treningstights for korte ben

Leggings for short legs

Leggings for you with short legs

As all people have different lengths and shapes, it can be difficult to find training clothes that fit perfectly with their own body. Everyone has unique bodies, which we think is super cool. But this also presents some challenges when looking for the perfect training tightness. If you have short legs and are struggling to find a pair of leggings that fits, this is the guide for you!

If you are struggling with the exact opposite problem We also have a guide for you who are looking for one leggings for long legs!

Running leggings for short legs

Lusty leggings is finally a reality! This is a training leggings with 7/8 length , which makes it fit perfect for you with shorter legs . It has a high waist fit and V-shape that highlights the feminine curves in the right areas. Match this fresh training leggings with one of ourstraining tops for a complete look!

treningsleggings med korte bentreningsleggings for de med korte ben, high waist


Seamless leggings for short legs

Fit leggings is a seamless training leggings with a simple and beautiful look. This leggings is not as short as Lusty leggings, but it is slightly shorter than our remaining leggings . This leggings highlights your figure and has a beautiful fit. The material is flexible, which makes you feel comfortable during the workout. Not only this, it is also squat proof and will not slip down during training!

seamless treningsleggings, korte benleggings med kortere ben


The perfect "hack" for you with short legs

If you struggle with your leggings getting too long, then we have the perfect hack for you! In a super easy and fast way, you can make your slightly too long leggings look perfect. Check out the video we made on it!!


Maybe you think you might as well buy a pair of leggings in full length after seeing this smart tip? our entire selection of training leggings here.

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