Treningssko i svart og hvit

How to choose the right running shoes

Running shoes can be crucial for a good running experience. In this article, you will get advice on what you should think about when choosing running shoes and what is the difference between the Endorphin RX1 and the Ventdry RX1.

Running shoes for treadmill and asphalt or off-road?

Both asphalt and treadmills are hard surfaces that require shoes with good cushioning to avoid injuries. These surfaces are flat and do not require shoes with a solid grip. It is rather the case that the outer sole of running shoes suitable for treadmills and asphalt should be flat as it ensures a smooth running experience.

Running on terrain requires shoes that have a robust surface that can withstand both water and mud. The outsole should have a good grip as it should ensure that you can run over both twigs and stones without slipping or stepping on them. The sole is often somewhat lower than on running shoes suitable for treadmills and asphalt to ensure better contact with the surface.

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Cushioning and weight of running shoes

Running shoes have generally become lighter in recent years and feather-light shoes have become very popular. A light running shoe can feel more responsive and faster to run in. This type of running shoe often has a thick sole that is feather-light but provides good cushioning. A heavier cross-country running shoe often provides a better grip and has a more solid sole that can withstand a more robust surface. This type of shoe has a lower sole that provides good contact with the ground. When choosing running shoes, you should first of all decide for what purpose the shoes will be used for whether it is long distance or intervals. In short, it's about what kind of runner you are, how far you run and where you run.

Endorphin RX1 VS Endorphin Ventdry RX1

Endorphin RX1 Ventdry RX1
Suitable for treadmill and asphalt
    Suitable for running on terrain
      Chunky sole that provides good cushioning
        Solid sole with good grip
          Breathable mesh material
            Water repellent
              Drop 10mm
                Drop 10mm

                  Endorphin RX1 Shoes

                  Lightweight trainers with chunky soles developed for running on treadmills and asphalt. The running shoes have a breathable mesh material that ensures that you will neither feel clammy nor sweaty when running at a high intensity. The shoes can be washed and are made so that they retain their white color for longer.

                  White running shoes with good stability

                  Ventdry RX1 Shoes

                  Water-repellent running shoes with a solid sole that provides good grip on rough terrain. The solid sole ensures that you can step on twigs or stones while slipping or get injured during your run. These shoes are slightly heavier than the Endorphin RX1 as the sole is more robust and made to handle demanding terrain.

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