Topp 10 singlet og tank top for trening til dame

Top 10 training tops for women

The large selection of training clothes for women can make it difficult to find your new favorites. Therefore, we have gathered the best training tops for training at both high and low level. From seamless tops to training tops with built-in bras we help you find your new favorite from Famme's collections oftraining tops.

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Find the right sports bra

One thing that is very important is to find out which one sports bra that suits your body. For many, there may be uncertainty associated with such a purchase, and in several cases it may not be possible to complete the purchase because it is too difficult to determine whether they are actually suitable. You can read how to find the right size here.

hvit sportsbh med ribbed og seamless stoff

Even if you have now found out which sports bra fits your body, the choice of this garment can also depend on the type training or activity. Different training bras have different functions and this helps to decide whether you liked the purchase or not. Some people wishr high support , and others with zipper . If you have bought the wrong sports bra for a type of training or activity, it can be easy to think that it was not good enough. Here is a guide so that you do not risk buying the wrong sports bra for your workout.

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Top 10 training tops for women

Training tops or training singles are excellent for high-intensity training sessions or for outdoor training. We have collected our top 10 training tops - find your favorite!


1. Cropped training top -Power Seamless top

Power seamless top has a minimalist design with a lot of power. It has a goodhold-in effect and good support. It has moisture-transporting material in combination with rib knit and reinforced shoulder straps. This combination makes the training top a first choice for many. Whether for running, yoga or strength training.



Available in the colors:black, white, gray, blue, red, purple, green, beige.


2. Mesh training single -Mesh Tank Top

Mesh Tank Top is a airy singlet for lady. A singlet in loose fit , and with a light and breathable fabric of Mesh . This training top is partially cropped, which makes it very comfortable to use during jogging / running, yoga, and other day-to-day activities. The multifunctionality of this top makes it one of the big favorites of our customers.

Available in the colors:black and white.

Svart trenings tank top i pustende og fukttransporterende mesh-stoff  Hvit treningssinglet i enkelt, rent og stilfult design

3. Classic training single -Gym Tank Top

Gym Tank Top is a simple and solid color workout singlet for women. A singlet that is suitable for all applications in training with its comfortable fabric. Wrapped in a sophisticated and stylish design. The training tops' response to Coco Chanel's "Little Black Dress".

Available in the colors:black and white.

Svart treningstopp i komfortabelt stoff  Hvit treningsoverdel i sofistikert og stilig design til all type trening

4. Crop top training single -Element Tank Top

Element Tank Top is a crop top singlet for women. Designed with a flattering knot at the waist . This is a very comfortable training single made of Cotton and Rayon . A singlet with endless possibilities from running, strength training, yoga, and dancing. Even just to wear something simple, but at the same time make a big difference to your outfit that day.

Available in the colors:black and white.

Svart treningsoverdel cropped med knute på midten  Hvit cropped topp til yoga, løpetur eller hverdags

5. Finely knitted singlet -Extended sports bra

Extended sports bra is a seamless sports bra that is long and can thus be used as a cropped training top. This is a perfect singlet to look good in and be comfortable in. This top is easy and soft and has an absolutely beautiful back. The singlet has a moisture-transporting material and good hold. A good alternative to a strength training session!


Available in the colors:black, green, white, blue, red and pink.

6. Breathable training single -Vent Tank Top

Vent Tank Top is a sports singlet for women with long fit and open back . A singlet made of a breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable, dry, and safe throughout your workout. The back is designed with an even lighter and breathable mesh fabric . The design and materials make such a mesh tank top perfect for all workouts, activities, and occasions.

Available in the colors:black and white.

Hvit treningsoverdel med pustende og fukttransporterende stoff  Svart treningsoverdel med sofistikert og stilfullt design

7. Training single with straps -Strap Tank Top

Strap Tank Top is a soft and light singlet for women. A singlet with an elegant and stylish design where the straps cover the back . The top is made of Modal which makes the top very soft, breathable, and comfortable during training. Or on other occasions. For such a singlet with such a fantastic design, you are definitely allowed to show off as often as you actually can.

Available in the colors:black.

Svart treningsoverdel komfortabel i mykt og pustende stoff  Svart topp med mønstret rygg i unikt design

8. Colorful training single - Perfom Tank Top

Perform Tank Top is a the training single in a mixture of Polyamide and  Elastane , which provides an enormously delicious comfort. This top provides a fantastic flattering fit. The top wraps beautifully around your natural shapes and results in a clean but stylish look. A singlet that can be used for training both indoors and outdoors. The training single has a built-in sports bra with medium support.

Available in the colors:pink, green, yellow.


9. Seamless training single -Refine Tank Top

Refine Tank Top is a long seamless singlet for lady in soft and comfortable breathable material which dries quickly. A singlet that fits brilliantly on the body and provides a delicious fit without compromising on comfort. This makes this training peak perfect for all types of training from low to high intensity level.

Available in the colors:black, gray, white.

Svart treningstopp i lett og behagelig sømløst materiale  Grå treningsoverdel med fin passform som puster og tørker raskt

10. Seamless Crop Top -Earth Crop Top

Earth Crop top is a card singlet for women . The fabric this training top is made of has breathable properties , and the elasticity of the fabric gives maximum freedom of movement . A singlet with these properties also makes this product suitable for all types of training and activity from low to high intensity.

Available in the colors: black, blue, red and brown


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